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Injury at building site

Of all the unfortunate accidents that happen to people, suffering an injury at building site locations can be one of the most serious and the most traumatic. There are lots of things about building work which can make it quite dangerous, especially when compared to sedentary office work. If you have sustained an injury at a building site, then you should contact Accident Advice Helpline to see how we could help you get the compensation you deserve.

Not All Accidents Have to Happen

Sometimes, people assume that accidents just happen – that their injuries are not anyone’s fault and that they just have to get on with things. This can leave people distraught, as they have to try to cope with their injury sustained at a building site without the benefit of financial compensation to help pay for things such as physiotherapy, or to help cover a loss of earnings following the accident. However, most accidents give rise to a legal claim for a financial award, and at Accident Advice Helpline we are committed to helping people pursue their claims and get the compensation they deserve. To help show how claims can arise from accidents, we have written a short example which highlights who might be responsible.

An Injury at a Building Site Scenario

In this scenario, we can see how some dangers ultimately arise from people not doing their job properly, and it’s easy to see how these dangers might lead to accidents. First, lots of materials have to be unloaded from trucks before work can begin. The contractor sending the builders did not send someone in advance to carry out a health and safety assessment of the site, so nobody realised there would be lots of scrap metal lying around on the floor when the trucks arrive in the morning.

The owner of the land should have had this cleared up in advance. The builders unloading the materials had also received no training in how to lift heavy loads safely, and had been given no gloves or steel-toed boots to protect them whilst carrying out this task.

Some of the materials are also so heavy that they need several people to lift them safely, but the foreman insists that the work is urgent, so the work must be shared between just two people. The foreman also delays any breaks until after all the materials have been unloaded, so the builders start to become tired, making it more likely that somebody will drop something accidentally, perhaps resulting in an injury on the building site. One of the builders is a bit of a prankster, and starts to mess around. The contractors know that he has done this on previous occasions, but send him out to the site anyway.

Any of these hazards could be enough to cause an accident leading to serious injury at a building site, and it’s easy to see how a simple trip in these circumstances should lead to compensation.

Fighting for You

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