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Injured at work by a restaurant swing door

If you are injured in an accident at work caused by a restaurant swing door, then it can be reassuring to know that you may be due work injury compensation.

How can you be injured by a restaurant swing door?

Swing doors are extremely useful in restaurants. Their main benefits include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

  • Hands-free: Restaurant swing doors allow staff to push through them using their bodies. This means they can easily be negotiated by waiting staff carrying several plates who have no free hands.
  • Automatically close: Restaurant swing doors also automatically close behind you. This means the kitchen is kept private without staff having to remember to shut the door behind them.
  • Fast: Restaurant swing doors have no handles, meaning staff don’t have to fiddle about and can instead move through them freely and easily.

However, despite their benefits, swing doors in restaurants can also pose risks to health. The most common types of injuries caused by swing doors include:

  • Trapped fingers: Almost everyone who has worked in a restaurant for a significant length of time will have a story about lingering in the doorway too long and getting a finger trapped. These doors are powerful. Trapping a finger in them can be considerably painful and even result in fractures or bone breaks.
  • Trips and falls: Restaurant staff need to take great care to ensure they maintain their balance when moving through the swing doors. It can be very easy to misjudge the weight required to move them, or the power and speed of the swing. This can quickly lead to painful and dangerous falls at work.
  • Head injuries: Swinging doors have been known to catch people unaware. Standing the other side of the door when it’s opened is a common example. As is trying to squeeze through before it swings shut again. Both of these can lead to significantly painful bangs on the head.

I’ve been injured by a restaurant swing door, what can I do?

If the accident wasn’t your fault – for example, if the door was faulty or insufficient safety measures were in place, then you may have a case for work accident compensation.

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