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Injured in a car crash accident

Car crash accidents, or road traffic accidents as they are also known, are unfortunately commonplace in Britain today. With high numbers of road users and often busy thoroughfares, becoming involved in an accident can be unavoidable, especially if it is not your fault. If you’ve been injured in a car crash accident, Accident Advice Helpline is here to help.

If someone else is to blame for car crash accidents, then the people injured in that accident may be entitled to claim for compensation. For example, if an inattentive driver goes into the back of you as you queue at a red light, then the other driver is to blame for being careless. If a speeding car loses control and hits your vehicle, then that driver is also to blame and you may be able to claim compensation.

What type of car crash accidents are eligible for compensation?

As well as being caused by someone else’s negligence, car crash accidents must have happened within the past three years and have resulted in your need to receive medical care and attention as a result.

This can be applied to a range of injuries. Just as car crash circumstances can vary, so can the injuries they may cause – including:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken leg
  • Concussion
  • Chronic back problems
  • Very severe injuries such as paralysis, loss of limbs or brain damage

No matter whether your injury is minor or severe, you are equally entitled to seek compensation if you fulfil the three main criteria for making a claim. To check your eligibility, we advise you use a tool such as the Accident Advice Helpline 30 second calculator. If you are eligible, it will also give a useful idea of how much you may be able to receive in compensation.

If I am eligible to claim, what should I do next if I have been injured in a car crash accident?

It is best to contact a compensation provider as soon as you can following an accident. The main priority is of course your health, so make sure you have received medical attention first. Even if you think you have escaped without injury, car crash accidents are notorious for a delay in pain; sometimes from shock, or sometimes due to the nature of the injury incurred. Concussion is one such injury that may be difficult to detect immediately – this is why medical attention is vital.

Once you have taken care of your health, you should then contact a compensation provider such as Accident Advice Helpline. By using a compensation provider instead of your local legal firm, for example, you will be able to ensure that the legal representation you receive is an exact match for your injury. Whether you have had a fall at work or have been involved in a road traffic accident, you will need a legal team with direct experience in your injury type. To save you the time and effort of researching, we can do this for you, selecting a legal expert we trust from our database of over 190 partners. In most cases, we can process your claim entirely via the telephone, on a no win no fee basis if you’ve been injured in a car crash accident.