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I was injured when my car hit a deer or badger, can I claim?

We all know accidents can happen on the roads every day, and yet no one ever expects they will be unlucky enough to be caught up in something like this. From a rear-end shunt caused by someone who wasn’t paying attention to the car in front, to an accident caused when a car hit a deer or badger, you must be prepared for anything and everything to potentially happen.

While you might think an accident would involve another vehicle, this isn’t always the case. If you are driving through the countryside, there is a greater chance you could encounter animals that may stray onto the road ahead of you. If your car hit a deer or badger, it could potentially cause damage to your car, could hurt or kill the animal, and could leave you with injuries as well. Data shows over 42,000 deer are killed in this situation every year, so it is not perhaps as rare as you may think.

Should you make a report if your car hit a deer or badger?

If a deer was involved in a road collision, you can report it to the police. The deer may be injured and if police attend the scene, they can make it safe and seek local help to attend to the deer. Of course, if you were injured during the accident, you should call an ambulance or attend a local casualty unit, depending on how bad your injuries are.

Many people never see badgers in the wild, unless they have strayed onto a road and are hit by a car. Some areas have installed badger-proof fencing along roads, and even tunnels that go under the roads, but this has not prevented all instances of badgers being killed in road accidents. The time from late spring into summer is the peak time for badger deaths on the roads, since cubs are being born and the mothers will go further in search of food for them.

What should you do if your car hit a deer or badger?

Firstly, be as alert as possible for these animals if you are travelling along any road, particularly if you know they are likely to be nearby. If you spot warning signs for the animals, pay close attention to the sides of the roads. However, be prepared to perform an emergency stop rather than swerving to try and avoid them. If you do this, you could swerve into the path of another car, or hit someone on the pavement. Reducing your speed could make all the difference between having more time to avoid an accident and suffering a high-speed collision.

Any car accident is likely to result in you suffering from shock. It’s an upsetting experience to have, especially if an animal has died in the accident or been gravely injured. However, you should also take a moment to consider whether you or any other people in the car have been injured.

Injuries often suffered in car accidents

Most car accidents involve a vehicle coming to a sudden stop. Hitting a badger is very different from hitting a deer. The latter could potentially involve more serious injuries, especially if it comes through the windscreen. While thousands of deer are killed each year, statistics indicate up to 74,000 road accidents are caused by them annually. It is difficult to know how many people have been affected by this, because not everyone reports that their car hit a deer or badger.

Some people are lucky and get away with minor injuries, or perhaps even no injuries at all. However, others are left with more serious injuries. Any car accident can lead someone to suffer from several injuries, such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Internal injuries

You simply never know if you will be injured, or if you will be very fortunate and not be hurt at all.

Is it possible to claim compensation if your car hits a deer or badger?

The best thing to do is to let a legal expert dealing in personal injury claims look at your case. It is hard to tell whether you could make a claim unless you speak to someone with experience in the topic. For instance, if the deer was roaming on someone’s land and that individual did not do everything they could to prevent them from straying onto roads in front of drivers, there could potentially be a chance to claim for negligence. However, since every case is different, this is one instance in which legal help is perhaps more important than ever.

In the year ending September 2016, 182,560 people were injured in car accidents. This figure relates to all accidents on all roads. However, some of them may well have been caused in a similar way to the scenario mentioned here. Car accidents can occur for all manner of reasons, after all. Preventing a collision is always better than having one, and knowing how to avoid a collision can be very useful.

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