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Industrial injury compensation claim

Are you wondering if you could make an industrial injury claim? Would you know what to do after sustaining an industrial injury? It’s common to be in shock and in pain from your injuries. If this has already happened to you, you will know only too well how you could sustain an industrial injury, and how easy it could potentially be to occur if health and safety levels were below par.

You will also understand how emotional and upset you will feel following an accident like this. Even if you were fortunate enough to escape serious injury, you may still have minor injuries that will take time to heal. Even a broken finger, for instance, can be very painful, and may take weeks to recover from. In the meantime, this or any other injury could well hamper the way you go about your everyday life. You may even find yourself unable to work for a time – purely because you were injured while doing your job to start with.

Many types of injury

There are many different types of industrial injury that could happen, from minor injuries to those that could change lives such as hearing loss, deafness and asthma. If compensation is warranted following any injury, it will be calculated as per the extent and nature of the injuries suffered. There are rough guidelines in place to make the calculation of any compensation easier to go through. Of course, if you do make an industrial injury claim, your professional injury compensation lawyer will take care of most of the work involved in making that claim. This leaves you free to recover from your injuries, and to get back to normal as quickly as you can. You can also be sure your lawyer will do everything they can to secure the best amount of compensation possible in your case when you make your industrial injury claim.

Whose responsibility is it to prevent accidents like these?

It is your employer’s responsibility to prevent you from sustaining an industrial injury. They must exercise their duty of care towards every employee, by assessing the risks associated with the jobs performed, and with the machinery, setting, and work being done. Proper training in each role can minimise risks, as can regular maintenance checks and repairs. Furthermore, regular updates to training and other regular processes can further reduce the risks associated with jobs in this profession and industry.

While accidents can still happen, if proper checks and measures are in place, they should be incredibly rare. Most injuries can be prevented if the health and safety rules are closely followed and exceeded – which they are in most cases. If an accident does happen, there will be questions that should be asked about how it came to happen. Sometimes, a freak accident may potentially occur that no one could have foreseen, and no amount of adherence to health and safety rules could have prevented. However, such things are uncommon, and in the rare case that someone is hurt in an industrial setting, it is worthwhile considering the facts so you can find out if negligence was to blame.

Negligence is a vital part of considering any potential claim you might have following an industrial injury. Your lawyer will know what to ask to find out more about what happened, and they will be able to assess the likelihood of making a successful claim. When you speak to a lawyer with extensive experience in these claims, you will have the benefit of their experience and knowledge, and that can help things move in your favour.

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If you want to know how to claim for an industrial injury, you are in the right place to make sure you get the information you need. There is no obligation to progress with a claim if you do have a strong case, but if you do go ahead, we’ll reassure you about the cost of claiming for an industrial injury. We operate using a no win no fee claims procedure, meaning you’re always safe from solicitors’ fees in the event your case doesn’t succeed.

This should set your mind at rest if you were worried about the prospect of making an industrial injury claim, and the chances of succeeding or failing when doing so. The chances are you have never been in this situation before, and neither has anyone else you know. That means you could be concerned about what might happen, whether it is right to make a claim, and how things will proceed – not to mention what might be expected of you. Don’t worry, though – we are here to give you the benefit of our advice and support throughout the entire procedure. It could be far easier to claim compensation than you may have thought.

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