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How you could sustain criminal injuries

Has someone acted dangerously towards you?

If someone intentionally breaks the law or acts recklessly and someone gets hurt, they could be accused of causing criminal injuries. Unfortunately, these types of injuries occur fairly regularly and people can be seriously injured as a result of criminal behaviour.

Although people often associated criminal injuries with assaults and violent attacks, these aren’t the only types of incidents which can cause people to get hurt. If you’re wondering how you could sustain criminal injuries, you may need to consider incidents which take place on the road, at work and even in the home.

How you could sustain criminal injuries

In order to keep people safe, there are a range of laws and regulations in place. For example, your employer will be bound to follow certain laws in order to protect the safety of employees. If they fail to do this, their conduct may be considered criminal and, if someone gets hurt, they could face a compensation claim.

Alternatively, if someone behaves negligently when driving a vehicle, such as speeding or driving while intoxicated, they could cause criminal injuries if an accident occurs.

Of course, if you’ve already been hurt, you may be all too aware of how you could sustain criminal injuries. If so, you could be considering taking legal action against the person responsible for your injuries.

Making a compensation claim

As with any personal injury compensation claim, you will need to prove that you weren’t responsible for your injuries in order to obtain compensation. However, if you’ve been hurt because of a criminal act, this should be easy to prove.

If you’ve reported the incident to the police, for example, their report and subsequent investigation could be used as evidence when you make your claim for compensation.

Did you obtain medical help?

It’s vital that you seek medical assistance following an injury, especially if you want to take legal action afterwards. Often, people don’t realise how serious their injuries are until a few days after an incident has occurred so it’s often best to get checked over by a doctor sooner, rather than later.

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