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A guest got food poisoning at my wedding, am I liable?

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life and an occasion you’ll remember and cherish forever, but what happens if something goes wrong, a guest suffers a slip, trip or fall or people fall ill with food poisoning?

If you are worried about liability for accidents and injuries at your wedding, call Accident Advice Helpline for expert advice from trained personal injury lawyers.

Am I liable for guests suffering food poisoning at my wedding?

Following months of careful planning and investing a huge amount of money in a lovely venue and a delicious sit-down meal, the last thing you want is to be handling calls from angry guests who have been up all night after your wedding with food poisoning. The question of liability comes down to who provided the food on the day.

If you hired a caterer and you can prove that food poisoning was directly linked to errors during the preparation, storage or cooking processes, you could have a legal claim against the caterer, since your guests suffered illness as a result of their negligence. If this is the case and you have evidence to support your personal injury claim, Accident Advice Helpline could help you make a successful public liability compensation claim.

What about slips, trips and falls?

If you get married in a public place or you have hired a private venue and there are slip and trip hazards which exist as a result of flouting health and safety guidelines or poor maintenance, you may be entitled to claim slip, trip and fall compensation in the event that a guest is injured.

If the flooring is in poor condition, there is a spillage which is not clearly marked, or somebody falls as a result of poor or unsafe building work, this may warrant claiming public place accident compensation.

What should I do next?

If you would like to find out more about claiming compensation for a public place accident or incident, call Accident Advice Helpline or visit the website to complete the simple 30-second test™, which is designed to help you determine if you have a valid case for compensation.

Note down as much information about the incident as possible and ask guests to provide statements and contact details. If you do have a viable claim, the expert lawyers will take over and handle all the hard work for you.

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