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Go-kart accident, can I claim?

Go-karting is a popular pastime in the UK. People of all ages take part in this fun sport, and for the most part, they do not experience any injuries at all while doing so. However, you wouldn’t want to end up in a go-kart accident, so it makes sense to ensure you are as safe as possible before you take part.

Firstly, you should find a track that has a good health and safety record. While it is possible for the occasional go-kart accident to happen, most tracks will have excellent records with very few – if any – accidents occurring there. Secondly, a good track should provide safety advice before you even turn up. Advice on the best clothing to wear and what not to wear is good, for instance, and information about what you should expect when you get there.

The importance of safety equipment

If you did have a go-kart accident, you could prevent many injuries being incurred simply by wearing the right things. You should have a racing suit you can borrow from the go-karting venue, along with a crash helmet that is fitted in the proper manner and is not loose. You shouldn’t wear anything loose, either, and anything inappropriate should be pointed out by the instructors and staff at the site before you take part.

The importance of health and safety

Go-karting is a leisure activity, and therefore it is covered by health and safety guidance for leisure activities, as provided on the Health and Safety Executive’s website. Those in charge of a site offering go-karting should perform a risk assessment prior to the sport being offered. This should be reviewed from time to time, to make sure all risks and hazards are still accounted for and all the measures in place are suitable, with no adjustments required.

A big part of health and safety in this instance is the need to provide a safety briefing prior to allowing anyone to drive a go-kart. You should be given full instructions on how to operate the go-kart – how to steer it, how to turn, and how to brake. Dos and don’ts are vital, and you should be fully aware of these before you take part in the activity. Additionally, the safety briefing should cover all other potential hazards and things you should and should not do to stay safe and enjoy yourself.

If you were involved in a go-kart accident and you hadn’t had a safety briefing, or you weren’t given appropriate safety equipment, you may have good cause to claim compensation for any injuries you incurred during the accident. Very few accidents ever occur while go-karting, and it is rare for negligence on the part of the site owner or manager to be the cause if something does go wrong. However, it is potentially a possibility, and one you should be aware of if you have ever been affected by a go-kart accident.

Typical injuries you could suffer in a go-kart accident

There are several injuries that may potentially occur in an accident like this:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Crush injuries

As you can see, some are worse than others. Broken bones are serious injuries and may range from simple hairline fractures to severe breaks that lead to the bone sticking through the skin, causing extensive bleeding. Head injuries range from mild bumps to brain injuries, while crush injuries could potentially occur and cause damage to internal organs if the kart should flip over on top of you, or you are thrown clear and hit something else on landing.

How long might it take to recover from your injuries?

This will depend on the injuries you have. For example, mild bruising will develop over a few days and then gradually disappear. It may cause you some discomfort, but will resolve itself relatively easily. At the other end of the scale, serious injuries may take many months to heal, and in the worst-case scenario, you may receive life-changing injuries that mean you are never quite the same again. This could mean you are left with a limp, or scarring, or another injury that means you are restricted in some way.

Fortunately, a go-kart accident is a rare thing, and this is mainly due to excellent health and safety features provided at every venue. This is a sport that is not without risk, but most risks can be significantly reduced, which means you are not in any danger when you enjoy it. But from bruising to severe injuries, no one wants their fun experience to end in injury. Thanks to the health and safety regulations, there are very few instances where this does turn out to be the outcome.

Do you still have time to claim?

If you’ve had a go-kart accident recently, there is plenty of time to consider making a claim for compensation. However, there could still be time to claim even if it wasn’t a recent accident. There is a three-year window during which you must initiate a claim, and this dates from the day of the accident itself. So, if you are still within that three-year window, you do have time to find out whether our personal injury lawyers could make a claim on your behalf.

We’re here to help when you do want some advice, and we don’t place any obligation on you to go ahead with a no win no fee claim if you decide not to. Accident Advice Helpline is easy to contact on 0800 689 5659. Find out whether your go-kart accident was caused by negligence, and if so, how much you could potentially secure in compensation. Anything from extensive bruising to a head injury could result in a payment being secured for you, and the sooner you give our helpful team a call, the sooner you can find the answers that apply in your situation, and to your injuries.