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Getting an electric shock from a wall socket

We all know electricity can be dangerous if it isn’t handled properly. That’s why it is always a good idea to call in an electrician if you have a problem with the supply, sockets, or any other electrical outlet in your home. However, if you are at work, it would be the responsibility of the employer to take care of such things. Making sure the workplace is safe applies in many areas, and maintaining the workplace also means ensuring no one gets an electric shock from a wall socket.

This can result in a nasty shock, or simply some tingling in the hand that can travel through the body. No one wants to receive a shock, but we tend not to worry about using wall sockets and switching lights on and off, purely because these are things we do every day.

What went wrong?

All work equipment should be regularly checked to make sure it is safe to use. Yet it is very easy to forget that the break room, complete with its equipment, could also present a danger to those who use it. If a kettle is not safe to use, or develops a fault, this could create a problem. And if a wall socket develops a problem, this too could potentially cause a fault to occur.

If you have received a shock in this way, you might be able to receive compensation for the injuries and suffering you went through, even if it was a mild shock. The same applies if you received a shock while using equipment at a gym, or a shop, or anywhere else where the public can go.

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