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Is food poisoning and back pain connected?

Think of the average case of food poisoning and plenty of different symptoms are likely to come to mind. However, will you make any association between food poisoning and back pain, and if so, how long do you think this might last?

While back pain is not the most common symptom you could experience when suffering from food poisoning, it is possible to experience this. When it occurs in association with food poisoning, it is generally referred pain. This means you have pain in one part of your body, but you feel pain in another area as well – pain that is referred from one place to another.

How can you deal with referred pain?

Quite often, you’ll feel aches and pains throughout your body because of suffering from food poisoning. This is particularly true if you are being sick and straining your stomach muscles, and you are having stomach cramps as well. Try and relax as much as you can, as it may help minimise the symptoms you feel.

If you feel back pain while going through a case of food poisoning, it is likely referred from the stomach and intestinal symptoms you are having. Try to get as much rest as possible and make sure you lay comfortably in a position that won’t put any extra strain on your back. You may find a hot water bottle helps you relax as well, and prevents your back muscles from going into spasm.

Is it possible to claim for food poisoning and back pain?

While some people won’t suffer from food poisoning and back pain, you may have been affected in this way. If so, make sure you get plenty of rest and take the time to call 0800 689 5659 to reach the team at Accident Advice Helpline too, if you think you could claim for your symptoms.

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