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Five most common retail accidents

Going shopping rarely strikes anyone as a potentially dangerous activity. Shop accidents are, however, surprisingly common. The most common retail accidents leading to shoppers or shop employees sustaining personal injuries are centred on incidents involving slips, trips and falls.

  • SpillsInjuries by slipping on spills are fairly common. Shop owners are required to clear up spills as quickly as possible in order to prevent staff members or customers from slipping and falling. Some spills by customers are, however, not necessarily reported or detected immediately and may remain in place to present people with the risk of injury by slipping for some time before being cleared.
  • Clean-up operations Areas being cleaned and mopped should be clearly marked by signs or safety cones while the cleaning process is in progress and until the area has dried sufficiently to prevent slip injuries. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
  • Falling objects Poorly stacked shelves or display units have been known to result in customers being injured by falling objects.
  • Trip hazards Defective flooring; packaging materials and other objects left in aisles by employees or customers present shoppers with a serious risk of injuries by tripping and falling.
  • Weather conditions Bad weather (rain, snow and ice) can result in shop floors becoming wet and slippery. Unsuitable surfaces; lack of proper cleaning systems or inadequate employment of warning cones or signs are common causes of slip injuries.
  • Other common dangers Car park accidents involving injuries by trips over loose debris or into potholes or incidents involving cars are sadly also fairly common.
  • Shop owners Owners and/or managers of shops have a duty of care towards both employees and customers. This means they have the legal duty to prevent accidents in the shop and surrounding areas (car parks, pathways leading into the shop, etc.). Should they breach this duty in any way and you suffer a slip, trip or fall injury as a result, you could be entitled to claim for personal injury compensation.

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