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Failure to diagnose haemochromatosis

Haemochromatosis is an inherited condition which causes excess levels of iron in the body. This excess iron can lead to joint pain, absent periods, erectile dysfunction and fatigue. Haemochromatosis is caused by a faulty gene inherited from your parents. This gene means the body can absorb more iron than it needs from food, leading to an accumulation of iron which can be harmful. The good news is that the condition is treatable and a phlebotomy is usually used to remove excess iron from the body. During this treatment, which works in a similar way to giving blood, a small amount of blood is removed from the body. Carrying out a regular phlebotomy will cause the body’s iron levels to drop.

Because haemochromatosis is a relatively uncommon condition, screening is not routinely offered by the NHS. However, if a close family member has the condition, you may wish to have a blood test. Failure to diagnose haemochromatosis can lead to excess iron being deposited around organs such as the liver and heart, which could lead to heart failure, liver cancer or cirrhosis. It’s thought that around one person in 200 is affected, and lifestyle changes can help to keep iron levels low, such as limiting the consumption of alcohol and red meat.

Have you been the victim of medical negligence?

If your doctor has failed to diagnose haemochromatosis, this could be classed as medical negligence. Failure to diagnose haemochromatosis could cause serious complications including irreversible damage to your heart and liver, affecting your quality of life and leading to time off work and loss of earnings. If you have suffered and you feel that medical negligence is to blame, it is only right that you should be able to claim compensation for your pain and suffering, and that’s where a personal injury lawyer can help.

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The process for claiming medical negligence compensation can seem daunting to some, but that’s where Accident Advice Helpline can help. We want your claim for compensation to be as easy and stress-free as possible, so we will handle every step of the claims process on your behalf. What’s more, because we work on a no win no fee basis, our services are affordable to everyone, and you can call our freephone helpline day or night for confidential, no-obligation advice, whatever your circumstances. With years of experience in the personal injury industry, trust Accident Advice Helpline to help you with your claim for medical negligence compensation.