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Facial injury claim

Of all the possible personal injury claims you could make, a facial injury claim is perhaps one of the most troubling. After all, facial injuries are highly visible. Treating a facial injury quickly is very important, as it can help lead to a better recovery, where scarring may not be as evident as it would otherwise be. Even smaller facial injuries can lead to scarring, while more serious ones could have the potential to change your whole appearance.

If you have been injured on any part of your face within the past three years, any temptation you may have to claim for it could be tempered by concerns about the cost of claiming for a facial injury. The good news is that you could do so – providing you have evidence of negligence – on a no win no fee basis. So, if you had doubts about claiming, you should set those aside. Remember, too, that our team is ready to assist and advise you, and to answer any questions you might have on your mind.

How could you sustain a facial injury?

There are lots of ways this could happen. For example, if you fall over, you may fall forwards, putting your hands out in front of you to try to minimise the damage. If you don’t manage to put your hands out in time, or you still hit your face on the ground despite your efforts not to, facial injuries can be only too common.

These could include a broken nose, a concussion, broken teeth or other damage to the mouth, and cuts, bruises, and swelling, too. It is possible to break the jaw or the cheekbones, depending on how you land and the force of the fall.

But it isn’t just falls that can lead to injuries like this happening. If you were in a car accident, for instance, you may come to a sudden stop in the impact and you could hit your head on the steering wheel. Something may come through the windscreen to hit you, or you could strike your head on the side window. Pedestrians can be knocked over, and cyclists can be knocked off their bikes, and the resulting injuries could include facial damage. In all cases, though, it is necessary to prove someone else caused the accident to happen. If that was the case, a facial injury claim might work out for you.

Seek medical help

When you have had an accident, and suffered injuries to your face, you will probably be in shock and trying to come to terms with what has happened. But make sure you seek medical advice straight away. In some cases, someone might call an ambulance and you won’t need to worry about doing anything else. But if that doesn’t happen, or your injuries are not too serious, you should still seek advice.

If you aren’t hurt too badly, make an appointment to see your GP, or go to a minor injuries unit. This will ensure any wounds can be properly cleaned and treated, and you can have stitches if they are required. You might need x-rays to ensure nothing underneath is broken. In cases where an injury is more serious – such as a broken cheekbone where the bones have moved out of place – a stay in hospital or even surgery might be required.

How might a facial injury claim help you?

Claiming compensation will help you move on with your life. If you were hurt in an accident caused by another person, your employer, another business, or a third party, you will know of the long-term effects of a facial injury. You will feel self-conscious, and may be nervous of going out or being seen in public. Some people develop anxiety and other ailments. It’s not hard to see why, because you may look very different while the injuries heal, even if you are not left with any permanent and visible scarring.

The symptoms of a facial injury will be physical in nature, of course. A broken nose will cause pain, swelling, and probably black eyes, too. Some facial injuries require surgery to attain the best recovery, and to ensure there is minimal change to the person’s face and that they have little scarring to be seen. Burns can leave large scars, however, especially when they are serious and deep burns.

Call us today for further advice

Even if you know how you could develop a facial injury, and therefore can avoid it in most cases, it is not always possible to avoid such injuries. Claiming for a facial injury may help you move on with your life after you make the best possible recovery. To put it simply, we could help you make a facial injury claim if you can provide proof that a third party caused your injury to happen. We can help you with that, and assess your situation to learn more.

To learn whether you can try claiming compensation via a facial injury claim, you have just one number to call to speak to an advisor who can help. Call 0800 689 5659 now to reach someone at Accident Advice Helpline. Getting expert, no-obligation advice makes a lot of sense at this stage, doesn’t it? You are just one phone call away from speaking with someone who can help you.