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An example of a food poisoning claim amount

Food poisoning claims can differ case by case due to the companies involved and how badly you were affected by the contaminated food. If you want to know what your food poisoning claim amount could be you can try our claim calculator or speak to us over the phone. Our team of advisors are qualified to answer your questions and may be able to tell you how much your claim could be worth.

How to avoid food poisoning

Contaminated food can be near impossible to spot though if you are ever at a restaurant, cafe or somewhere where food is served to you and you are wary about the smell or look of the food, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry and return the food. A decent business should refund you the money for the food.

You may be able to get an idea of an establishment by their food hygiene rating or just be looking at the overall cleanliness of the business. You may be able to tell what the food will be like by asking friends or family for recommendation, or maybe you were warned off from certain places. Reviews posted online may suggest a pattern of illness and poor kitchen conditions.

Ultimately, it can be hard to find out if food is contaminated with bacteria or viruses until it is too late and you are suffering from food poisoning. If you had to see a doctor for your food poisoning symptoms and want to know whether you could make a claim for compensation, call our team today.

Could I receive more than the normal food poisoning claim amount?

All food poisoning claims vary and so the best way to find out what you could be entitled to is to try our claim calculator online or speak to one of our experienced team over the phone. We could give you an estimate of what you could be likely to receive if your case is successful and it is possible that the amount awarded is even more than we predicted. However, if your case is not successful you will not have to pay expensive solicitors’ fees as we operate on a no win no fee basis.

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