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Different Types of Legal Claims

When people think of Accident Advice Helpline they generally think of someone tripping and falling over. However there are numerous types of legal claim we offer. It is worth knowing what we do so you can contact us when you need us!

Trips and Falls

Trips and falls are one of the most common claims that we receive. Generally, these tend to occur when a warning sign is not shown for potential trip hazards. If you are the victim of this type of unfortunate accident, it is possible to claim. This risks of trips and falls are often higher within working environments; for example, an exposed wire that has not been secured is one common cause of people falling over.

Road Accidents

The majority of people associate road accidents with simply a car-on-car collision. However, you are equally eligible to make a claim when you are riding a bicycle, motorcycle or are a pedestrian. Passengers in vehicles are also have the same entitlement to pursue a claim as drivers.

Medical Negligence

It is often difficult to prove the occurrence of medical negligence. The problem with this is that you not only need to prove that a medical professional was negligent – but also that the mistake they made caused a person’s condition to worsen (in the most extreme cases prove fatal).

Industrial Conditions

The working environment is home to a lot of industrial conditions that may occur, the most well known being asbestos exposure. The problem with asbestos-related conditions is that it can take decades to make a diagnosis. There are also a number of other conditions, a few examples of which are as follows:

  • Vibration White Finger – caused by using vibrating machinery
  • Tinnitus – caused by insufficient ear protection in noisy workplaces

Accidents at Work

Employers are responsible for their employees and they need to follow health and safety guidelines by law and ensure anyone working for them has the appropriate training for their particular job. Failure to do so increases the risk of accidents and is also punishable by law.

Sports Injuries

People may be surprised to find you can make a legal claim for sporting injuries. If you can prove that someone deliberately set out to injure you, or that the environment was hazardous then it is possible to seek compensation for any injuries caused.

School or University Claims

As well as making a legal claim for yourself it is worth remembering you can do so on behalf of your children if they are injured at school or university. If your children are exposed to unnecessary risks leading to them being injured, you can make a claim if it can be proved that the school or university were aware of the risk and did nothing to rectify it.

Why you should contact the Accident Advice Helpline

It is worth contacting Accident Advice Helpline when making a legal claim. We can guide you through the process and inform you about the options available to you. We have a large team of specialist personal injury solicitors and will appoint someone who has a proven track record in your particular type of claim.

Accident Advice Helpline is open 24 hours a day so you can always contact someone to ask questions and guide you through the process. contact us today to see what we can do for you!