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The dangers of using hair clippers

If you regularly have your hair cut short, you may have visited a hair salon where hair clippers were used to get the cut you wanted. They’re ideal for providing an all-over short cut, as well as for cutting shapes and styles into the hair. For the most part, they’re very safe to use, especially when qualified hairdressers use them.

But what about the potential risk of injury? Is there such a risk, and if so, what kinds of issues could you potentially be faced with? Hairdressers must complete levels of training in all kinds of hairdressing techniques. Some levels will provide clipper training, and several hours must be spent on this before a person can qualify. This means you’re at low risk of incurring any injuries, providing you see a qualified hairdresser.

There are several issues that could potentially cause problems for you if you’re unlucky. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

An itchy scalp

Most people will never incur any injuries when having their hair cut or styled. However, there are some potential dangers that could arise. For example, if the clippers are not clean, there is the potential to suffer skin irritations and infections. An itchy scalp can be caused by unclean and contaminated clippers. Itching can have many causes, possibly derived from contact dermatitis in this instance. If something was left on the clippers from a previous client, and the clippers weren’t cleaned before they were used on you, it could potentially create an opportunity for an allergen or irritant to cause problems for you.

If a lack of cleanliness is evident, an itchy scalp could also potentially indicate a fungal infection. If someone else has visited the salon with a fungal infection and you had your hair cut after them with the same clippers, and nothing was done to clean them, there is a chance you may develop the infection too. We should be clear that such things are very rare, but it is worth being aware of the symptoms of a fungal scalp infection in case you should develop problems. These may not become apparent until a short time after you have left the salon.

Cuts and grazes

Careful use of the clippers should ensure you are not injured when the hairdresser uses them. However, if they should slip and touch your scalp, particularly if the guard is not being used, it could easily cause you to suffer cuts and grazes.

If you should suffer this injury, the hairdresser should know what to do to treat it. Simple first aid will ensure any bleeding can be quickly stopped for all cuts and grazes. Scalp wounds tend to bleed a lot, even if they are minor. It’s also impossible to put a plaster on them, because of the hair. You’ll also need to get someone else to check the wound once you return home, and until it heals.

If this happens to you – indeed, if you are injured in any way by hair clippers used at a hairdresser’s – make sure someone takes photos of the injuries. These will support any potential claim you might make later, when you have had time to think about what happened.

Injuries caused by faulty hair clippers

It is the responsibility of those at the salon to ensure all the equipment used to serve their customers is in good condition and is safe for hairdressers to use. Since hair clippers require an electrical outlet and must be plugged in to work, it is easy to see how the potential might be there for an electrical injury to occur if the clippers have faulty wiring.

Clippers purchased for professional use should be suitable for this purpose, and must be regularly checked to ensure the wiring is safe and intact, and is not frayed. Regular cleaning should also be done to ensure they are ready for each client who may need them, and the blades are sharp and able to do the job required of them.

What should you do if you’ve been injured by hair clippers?

These clippers are used to create many stunning hairstyles, as well as to give customers a short hair cut in a short amount of time. Very few people who ever attend a hair salon will experience any injury, illness or infection because of their visit, and fewer still will be hurt by someone using clippers.

However, if you are unfortunate and you’re reading this because you have a scalp wound, infection or other irritation from hair clippers, you should ensure you seek treatment, particularly if the wound is a bad one. See your GP if you think you might make a compensation claim, too, because they can check the condition of your scalp, identify any infection or irritation if one is present, and treat you appropriately. Your visit will be logged in your notes, too, which is vital to provide evidence if you do claim for negligence.

Your right to claim compensation

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 was created to make sure all workers could enjoy safer surroundings, no matter what environment they work in. Yet it also ensures visitors and customers are kept safe. If you were injured by hair clippers in a salon, you could make a claim to get some compensation for the experience and injury you suffered.

Accident Advice Helpline is here to help, providing your injury or other physical problem happened within the past three years. Even if you’re unsure whether a claim would be possible for an injury from hair clippers, it’s worth calling us. Do so today on 0800 689 5659. You’ll get through to our advisors, and once they have your details, they can let you know whether our lawyers would be able to support a no win no fee claim for you. It’s easy to get assistance when you know how, and now you have found us, you can do just that. Get your no-obligation advice from us today.