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Dangers of oscillating pedestal fans

Oscillating pedestal fans are a popular way of cooling rooms during stifling hot summer days. They can, however, be dangerous, especially when they are used around children. Here are some of the dangers of oscillating pedestal fans.

Dangers of oscillating pedestal fans

One of the main dangers of oscillating pedestal fans is their instability. Unless the surfaces they are situated on are perfectly even, the oscillating movement could easily cause them to topple over. Being hit by a falling fan could cause potentially serious injuries, especially to a small child.

Then, or course, there are the rotating blades. Should a child put his or her fingers into the blades, the resulting injuries could be very painful and potentially life-changing.

Last, but by no means least, there is also the risk of injury by electrocution or fire. This is a particular risk if a fan is not maintained properly, or defective to begin with.

Avoiding the dangers of oscillating pedestal fans

The risk of injuries by pedestal fans can be reduced by:

  • Never leaving children alone with fans
  • Regularly checking power leads and plugs and replacing them immediately if necessary
  • Checking the housing of fans for signs of electrical problems (dark areas pointing towards overheating or sparking, smell of burned wires, etc.)

If signs of a defect are noticed, it is vital to either have necessary repairs carried out by trained professionals or replace the fan altogether.

Injuries by defective new fans

Occasionally, a new fan may be defective and cause a fire or injury by electrocution. A defective fan may also cause injuries by falling over for no apparent reason. If this happened to you, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Establishing liability

In cases of claims for injuries by defective equipment, liability may be held either by the manufacturer of the equipment or the retailer selling it. Establishing who is liable for your injury can sometimes be complicated. We, Accident Advice Helpline, have the necessary experience to help you establish liability and bring your claim to a swift satisfactory conclusion.

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