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The most dangerous spectator sports in the world

Watching sport on television is a popular pastime. The number of people watching will depend on what is going on and whether any popular sports are being broadcast. For example, just under 4% of the viewing audience was watching sport for the week ending 19th February 2017, official BARB figures have revealed. But nothing beats watching sport live, and being right there where the action is taking place. Most people who go to watch sport will have a great experience, but there are some more dangerous spectator sports that could have an increased risk of injury occurring to someone in the crowd.

We thought we’d look at some of the most dangerous spectator sports in the world. Do you like any of these, and have you ever attended any events?

Rally driving

You will look at country roads in a different way once you have seen rally driving, especially if you’ve been a spectator at one of these events. Rally driving can be one of the most dangerous spectator sports, because if a car should leave the road, it can easily pile through a crowd of spectators within seconds.

Certain injuries are more common when someone is hit by a car. One body of research revealed 50% of victims typically suffered injuries to their legs. The head, face and neck were next most likely to be injured, with 38% of people suffering injuries to this part of their body. These statistics relate to road accidents; however, they do give us an idea of how serious injuries might be if someone were hit by a speeding rally car.

Formula One racing

This is another high-speed sport. Formula One cars can reach a top speed of 233mph, while just 1.7 seconds are required to hit 62mph. Accidents are rare, and when they do happen, they tend to result in injuries to the drivers, since the spectators are kept at a considerable distance from the track, and behind safety barriers. However, there is a potential risk something could go wrong.

Of course, you could also have an accident at a race track, just as you could while attending a football stadium, tennis court, baseball field or any other sporting event. Health and safety is a vital part of protecting spectators, and in most cases, even the most dangerous spectator sports rarely result in injuries for anyone who attends them.


Baseball is very popular in America, but the game is sometimes played in the UK and elsewhere, too. It is played with a small but hard ball, which can be hit at incredible speeds as each team tries to outdo the other.

While deaths are rare, around 120 people have lost their lives since the mid-1800s through foul balls – that is, balls that go into the crowd. It’s also possible to be injured if you are struck by a ball, especially since you have little to no time to react to it. It is no small surprise then to realise this is one of the more dangerous spectator sports you could watch, even if you are alert to the chances of a ball coming towards you.


Football stadiums often hold thousands of people. It’s rare that the ball would end up in the crowd, and if it did, it wouldn’t be travelling fast enough to cause injury. However, there are other potential risks when going to a football stadium.

For example, there have been reports of fans causing trouble at games, and if you were to get caught in the middle of fighting, you could be injured. You’ve also got the slip, trip and fall risk associated with going up and down the stadium steps to reach your place in the crowd. If these are unsafe or potentially slippery, it could increase the odds of being injured. Thankfully, few things like this ever occur.

Bull fighting and running

You may have heard of the Pamplona Bull Run, an event which occurs every year in Spain, and goes by the alternative name of the Running of the Bulls. The course may only be 900 yards long, but in those 900 yards there is the potential for people to be injured or killed. ABC news reported approximately 1.6 million people attended the festival the bull run is part of, which means overcrowding is regularly a problem. Dozens of people are injured every year, some by the bulls and some through crush injuries and similar mishaps. While only a handful of people have ever been killed at the event, many are left with nasty injuries.

Have you been injured while viewing one of the more dangerous spectator sports?

We’ve seen that injuries can happen in many ways. Slips, trips and falls, impact injuries, and other problems could all potentially happen, even if you take great care to obey all safety instructions and stay behind barriers as requested.

However, if you did attend one of the more dangerous spectator sports and you were injured while you were there, contacting a personal injury lawyer would be a good idea. They can reveal whether you have an opportunity to seek compensation via a no win no fee claim, and if so, they will support you and let you know what happens next.

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