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Most dangerous machinery: Surface grinder

Surface grinders are among the most dangerous pieces of machinery used in workshops.

Accidents at work

Accidental contact with high speed grinding wheels can result in serious work injuries to hands and fingers. Loose bits of clothing, long hair or jewellery may also be dragged into the machine, again resulting in potentially serious, if not fatal, injuries at work.

Surface grinder accidents

Unless used correctly and carefully, grinding wheels may shatter and catapult debris towards the operator and other workers in the vicinity. This could result in work related eye injuries and lacerations to the face and/or other body parts. Flying sparks may also be responsible for injuries to workers.

Repetitive strain injury

Prolonged exposure to vibrations created by surface grinders may also lead to vibration white finger or other vibration-related repetitive strain injuries. Inhaling dust released by the grinding operation for prolonged periods may result in workers developing chronic bronchitis. In addition, the continual excessive noise may lead to temporary or permanent industrial deafness.

Preventing work accidents

In order to prevent workplace accidents involving surface grinders, workers must be properly trained in the safe use of these dangerous machines. Further steps to prevent injuries by surface grinders include the provision of personal protective equipment including:

  • Eye/face protection (goggles, glasses, face shields).
  • Ear protectors.
  • Well fitting overalls/safety clothing.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Protective shoes (steel toe caps).

In addition, all necessary protective guards on the machine must be in place. Workers nearby should be protected by safety shielding or guards and/or restriction of access to areas where surface grinders are being used. To protect workers against injuries by vibration exposure, work periods should be kept short and/or broken up by regular breaks.

Health & safety at work

Workers frequently operating surface grinders for prolonged periods of time may also be provided with regular health checks to prevent cumulative effects resulting in long term work related conditions.

Work injury compensation

If you were injured while operating a surface grinder or developed an industrial disease as a result of inadequate training, safety/protective equipment or health monitoring, you may be entitled to industrial injury compensation. Accident Advice Helpline lawyers specialise in compensation for work related injuries and will be able to conduct most of the processes involved in claiming for compensation over the phone. Working on a no win no fee basis, they will bring your claim to a satisfactory conclusion fast and efficiently.