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The cost of claiming for a foot injury

If you have been injured in the foot in an accident you didn’t cause, you should consider making a compensation claim. For most people, making a claim is daunting; after all, this is probably the first time you have needed to consider compensation. As many as 7 out of every 10 people don’t claim the compensation they are due. We know that there are many reasons behind this, but one is the misconception that you need money to make a claim. So what is the cost of claiming for a foot injury with Accident Advice Helpline?

The cost of claiming for a foot injury with Accident Advice Helpline

Contrary to some people’s perceptions, the cost of claiming for a foot injury is not high. In fact, you can start a claim with Accident Advice Helpline without spending any money and without financial risk thanks to our no win no fee promise. Our no win no fee guarantee means that if for any reason we do not secure your compensation, there are no legal fees to pay.

Alternatively, let us think about the cost of not claiming for your foot injury. You have probably lost out financially already. You may not have been able to attend work due to your injury, so you may have lost wages and opportunities for overtime. You might not have been able to drive, so maybe you have spent money on transportation costs to medical appointments and for other journeys such as shopping and collecting children from school. You may have needed medical aids and prescriptions, or you might have had to pay for help around the house or garden. The financial cost of your injury can add up very quickly.

Also think about the cost of your injury on your mental and emotional health. You and your loved ones have had the pain, distress, worry and uncertainty of not knowing the full impact of your injury and how well you will recover. The impact on your personal life can be huge.

Compensation can offer you financial recompense for all of this impact. It won’t take away your injury, but it will feel to you as though justice has been done.

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