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Conditions asbestos exposure could lead to

Asbestosis is an awful disease, caused by exposure to asbestos. The conditions asbestos exposure could lead to are numerous, and in many cases, deadly. If you have been exposed to asbestos and you’re now suffering with asbestosis you should seriously consider making a claim for compensation for your condition. Take advice from Accident Advice Helpline today.

Conditions asbestos exposure could lead to

There are more than a dozen different diseases that have been linked to asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma and lung cancer are the main ones, but there are others, such as COPD and kidney cancer, that have not been linked directly to asbestos, which medical researchers are beginning to suspect are developed thanks to asbestos exposure either through inhaling or ingesting the fibres.

Asbestosis is actually a benign illness but it leads to more deaths than other more malignant asbestos-related diseases. While not everyone who is exposed to asbestos will develop a related illness of any kind, exposure increases your lifelong risk so it is important to take steps now.

Making a claim for your illness

Given the variety of conditions asbestos exposure could lead to, it is important to make a claim for compensation if you have a case to do so. You will benefit from compensation if you need ongoing treatment for example, or it may be a help to your partner or children.

making a claim with Accident Advice Helpline is simple. Call us on our helpline number and speak to one of our personal advisers. They know all the right questions to ask. They’ll be interested in your condition and your history. They’ll want to know all about your medical treatment so far, and what the prognosis is. Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability as this will help to establish the basis of your claim.

making a claim won’t cost you a fortune either. We can offer you no win no fee, and there are no upfront charges to get your claim started in the first place. We can advise you on the worth of your potential compensation, but remember this will be an estimate at this stage.

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