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Compensation for whiplash lower back injuries

It doesn’t matter whether you end up with whiplash as the result of a car accident, a fall or a blow to the head. It’s possible to suffer whiplash lower back injuries as well as getting pain in your neck if you are in any one of these situations.

Very often, any back pain resulting from whiplash is felt in the upper back. However, the impact suffered during any type of accident can also lead to lower back pain. Therefore, it is very important to be checked out by a doctor following an accident, especially if you feel pain in any part of your body. You never know if that pain could be pointing to a more serious injury that needs treatment.

How debilitating can whiplash lower back injuries be?

They can be very painful. You will feel less able to move around as you normally would, and it is common to experience muscle spasms as well. These can make you walk and move in a restricted manner, and could lead to further spasms too. Stiffness is a common symptom as well, which is why it is often best to continue moving as much as you can, without complicating matters.

Seeking expert advice from your GP is best in this instance. Additionally, physical therapy might help alleviate some of the symptoms you are experiencing, as well as shortening the length of time you have them for. Back pain is quite common after suffering whiplash, and in severe cases it is quite debilitating. Follow the advice you are given to try and get rid of your worst symptoms as quickly as you possibly can.

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