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Falling down a manhole

You may have heard compensation stories about people falling down a manhole because of missing or damaged covers which may sound humorous at first, but it is a very serious matter. Compensation Stories for Falling Down a Manhole.

People that have injured themselves this way due to stepping on manhole covers that were defective have been able to make compensation claims for their injuries. Some people tend to walk around manhole covers for no apparent reason. However, at some time or other we have all walked over manhole covers and we expect the covers to be safe as it forms part of the pavement.

Covers should be safely in place

The companies responsible for the manhole covers are under a duty to ensure that the cover is safe. There is a duty to ensure that passers-by are not injured due to a defect or missing manhole cover. It is often the water board, electricity board or local council who is responsible. To ensure that the cover is safe and remains safe, a system of inspection should be in place.

This means that the manhole cover should be inspected regularly and if necessary, repaired or replaced. As soon as a defect is found it should be repaired as soon as possible and if it cannot be rectified immediately there should be some warning of the hazard. We would expect the manhole cover or manhole itself to be cordoned off, otherwise other people run the risk of injury.

Get advice after falling down a manhole

If manhole covers do not lie flush with the ground, they may pose a tripping hazard. If you fall down a manhole and sustain an injury or become injured due to a defective manhole, you may have a genuine claim for compensation.

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we can assess for free whether you have a claim. In this type of claim where we are alleging a defect with a manhole cover or a missing manhole cover, it is always prudent to obtain photographic evidence of the defect in question.

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In the eventuality that you do end up in up in this painful predicament contact us for free advice and help. We have a team of specialist personal injury lawyers who will strive to bring your claim to a swift and successful conclusion.

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