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Compensation for stepping on broken glass

We all know how dangerous broken glass can be. You don’t tend to keep an eye out for it lying on the ground in front of you though, especially when you are indoors. That’s why stepping on broken glass can lead to a nasty injury if you are unlucky enough to step on a piece in a pub or restaurant, or any other location. After all broken glass doesn’t need to have come from an actual glass – it could come from a broken glass ornament in a shop, for example.

Regardless of how the broken glass came to be on the floor, stepping on broken glass can always result in a nasty injury that could cause you significant problems. Wherever you are, the person or people responsible for managing that area have a duty of care to ensure you can use it safely, even if you are just passing through it. If this is not the case and negligence has occurred, proof that this is the case can result in a compensation claim that will reward the injured person with money to make up for the damage and stress caused.

How serious can a cut from broken glass be?

It can be very serious if it cuts into an artery or vein. Not all shoes have thick soles that would withstand the cut of a piece of glass, especially if it is a particularly large piece. As you can imagine, a cut on the sole of your foot is going to make it very difficult to walk. You may not be able to put your weight on the foot at all. This means you can’t drive or walk properly, which could affect many parts of your life.

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Our well-trained team is here to help you if you have been injured by stepping on broken glass within the last three years. These injuries can be nasty but if our professional injury compensation lawyers can prove there is negligence on the part of another person, you may be able to put in a no win no fee claim for compensation for your injury. Find out more today – take our 30-second test™ to get started. Don’t assume you cannot put a claim in – you could be wrong in thinking this. Find out now and see whether you have a legitimate claim.