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Compensation for London Underground station injuries

From the major and well-known stations right in the heart of the city to the outlying ones at the furthest reaches of the network, there are many London Underground stations that are used every single day by commuters, travellers, tourists and many others. Thankfully most of them will complete their journeys without incident and without any problems at all. However, a very few might sustain London Underground station injuries during their travels if hazards should potentially present themselves.

Accident Advice Helpline has certainly experienced calls from people who have had London Underground station injuries that have occurred through no fault of their own. This is never pleasant for the people involved, since they wish to know whether any action might potentially be taken.

What injuries might someone suffer?

The vast majority of stations are always in excellent condition. Even when work is being done to improve them, they are kept in good order and are safe for commuters to use. However, in rare cases someone might suffer an injury while using a station that was not their fault. An example would be slipping on something that has been spilled, or tripping over a loose or uneven tile on the floor while walking through a concourse.

These are just two examples of potential accidents that could occur as a consequence of someone being injured on a station. Often hazards that could potentially lead to an accident are dealt with in the proper manner. It is times when this doesn’t happen that people could have a chance to make a compensation claim.

Taking the right action

If you do suffer an accident it is a good idea to alert station staff to what happened. This is particularly the case if there is a hazard present that could potentially lead to someone else being injured. Needless to say you would not want anyone else suffering the same injuries you have.

If in any doubt about whether or not you could successfully make a compensation claim, do call Accident Advice Helpline today. The call is free on 0800 689 5659 and you may be able to make a no win no fee claim with the help of a professional injury compensation lawyer. We are experienced in dealing with all manner of injury claims, and with a 30-second test™ you can take instead if you prefer, getting fast answers is something you can guarantee.