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Compensation for Klebsiella bacteria infection

In recent times we have seen a rise in the number of illnesses that have arisen from exposure to hospital environments that have been poorly maintained. Due to the number of patients and visitors you can expect to find in a hospital, the potential for dangerous bacteria that exists in these establishments is huge. It is therefore vital to follow certain practices for good hygiene and health and safety requirements. Klebsiella bacteria is a particularly dangerous germ that has been known to be prevalent in nosocomial infections. Although every hospital in the UK strives to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, some patients have contracted this illness during routine stays. One of the more common strains of this illness is pneumonia, a terribly destructive infection that is particularly aggressive to the lungs. Klebsiella tends to target the middle-aged and older men who already have some form of impaired host defences. Diabetics, alcoholics and those with liver disease are the most likely to succumb to this particular infection. As well as pneumonia, these bacteria can cause meningitis, septicaemia, cholecystitus and thrombophlebitis.

Have you been the victim of negligence?

If you have recently been admitted to hospital and fear that you may have contracted a some kind of bacterial infection, you must talk to a medical professional immediately as a matter of urgency. If you have recently stayed in a hospital and it is confirmed that you have contracted an illness related to this strain of bacteria, you may be able to claim for medical negligence financial compensation. Every hospital in the UK has a duty of care to their patients and by following a strict hygiene regime, this type of infection should never rear its ugly head. It may have been spread by hospital staff members failing to wash their hands properly for example and it was possibly someone else’s fault that you’ve become ill.

Accident Advice Helpline

Once you have received treatment for your illness, you may wish to call Accident Advice Helpline. We have been helping people in the UK claim medical negligence compensation since the year 2000. If there is evidence of negligence that caused your unfortunate illness, we can certainly help you to claim for recompense for your suffering. no win no fee basis. We are a law firm who always put our customers first and our large team of solicitors will help to claim for any loss of earnings and discomfort that you may have experienced.