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Compensation for incompetent gas safety checks

Gas Safe

Gas engineers are highly trained to install, replace and check boilers and other gas equipment and should be registered with Gas Safe in the UK. This is a register containing details of those who are competent in undertaking gas work in Britain therefore, any reputable gas engineer should be on this register.

If you are hiring someone to replace a boiler at your business or in your home, always check that your contractor is registered with Gas Safe, even if they are freelance. This ensures that your work is carried out safely and by a competent engineer.

If you don’t use a Gas Safe trained engineer to install or check your boiler for safety, you could be putting yourself and other members of the household at risk. Always check that your engineer is registered with Gas Safe to ensure that the job is done properly and your household is safe from any potential accidents.

An unsafe boiler could release carbon monoxide emissions which can kill. Therefore, it is always best to use a reputable engineer. You also run the risk of your boiler exploding causing extremely serious injuries or even fatalities in your home or at your business.

If you have been the victim of incompetent gas safety checks, you could be entitled to compensation from those responsible.

Gas safety failings

Any reputable gas engineer should be registered to carry out the work they do on a daily basis. If they are not registered to work with gas, they should not be installing boilers or carrying out gas safety checks. Your household could be at risk of fire or explosion if the checks are not carried out correctly, or you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Both of these can lead to death which is why it is so important that a competent worker carries out the job. If you have been the victim of incompetent gas safety checks, you could be entitled to compensation for any injuries sustained.

Claiming compensation

You can make a personal injury claim with the help of our team at Accident Advice Helpline if you have sustained these injuries due to someone else’s negligence. You may have been the victim of an explosion or fire but we can help you hold the negligent party liable. You can get in touch with our team on 0800 689 5659 to discuss your claim today.