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Compensation for hotel shower slips

If you have ever slipped in the shower you will know how frightening and how painful it can be. It tends to happen rather quickly so you may not have time to catch yourself before you fall. Showers can be potentially slippery if they are not cleaned regularly, so it makes sense to take every precaution you can.

If you are staying in a hotel you would expect your room to be cleaned before you take up occupation in it. The bathroom should certainly be clean so you can use it while you are there with no problems at all. Hotel shower slips are not very common but they can potentially happen, especially if the standards are poor and the showers are not properly cleaned as they should be. Thankfully such incidents are very rare indeed.

How safe is the shower?

For the most part hotel showers are very safe. They have to withstand regular use by all kinds of people so they should be able to provide a safe experience. They should also be properly fitted so no additional problems could potentially occur. For example you wouldn’t expect to be injured as a result of slipping over in an uneven shower tray, or even one that is loose and wobbling beneath your feet.

If anything like this has happened to you, you have a chance to see whether you might make a compensation claim. Hotel shower slips are not very common but when they do happen there is a chance they could lead to more severe injuries, especially if the person hits their head.

Finding out what to do next

We know every hotel – in common with every other business – has a duty of care towards their clients. They must provide surroundings that are safe and meet all relevant health and safety standards. If this is not the case anyone who is injured in hotel shower falls could have a chance to make a compensation claim.

If this describes a situation you have been involved in you may wish to contact the team at Accident Advice Helpline. Call us free today on 0800 689 5659. This is a completely free enquiry line where you can receive no-obligation advice. It could potentially lead to a no win no fee claim to seek compensation from the hotel involved in your accident, so make sure you call now.