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Common hazards in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry covers all manner of different job roles. It includes roles in film and television, both in front of and behind the camera. It also includes more traditional roles such as sales executives and marketing managers, plus a lot of other office-based roles. There are common hazards in the entertainment industry, but the commonalities between them will likely depend on exactly where people are working.

Health and safety comes into play in all areas. For example, slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere, whether that is on stage, in a television studio or in a back office. As such, health and safety and a variety of risk assessments can make any and all job positions much easier and safer to handle.

What could go wrong?

It is important first of all to identify the common hazards in the entertainment industry. By doing this, we can make sure we have a chance to minimise the odds of anything going wrong. Every employer, no matter who or how many people they employ, must make sure a proper risk assessment takes place so they are able to see where any likely hazards might be present.

In this industry, plenty of equipment is often in place so that programmes and films can be made. All this equipment must be used in a safe manner, by people who are experienced to use it without causing any potential hazards. Anyone could possibly be hurt, whether in a fall, by being hit by falling equipment, and in a number of other potential situations. Thankfully, such incidents are uncommon.

Recovering from injuries caused in the entertainment industry?

While common hazards in the entertainment industry are never regular occurrences, and few actually lead to injuries being sustained, some people are unlucky. If you are one of them, and you’ve been hurt doing your entertainment-based role in the last three years, you should definitely call Accident Advice Helpline. We’ve created a free enquiry line on 0800 689 5659 and when you get in touch, you can benefit from our wealth of experience.

Calling us is easy, but you can also try the online test we’ve created if you wish. This takes well under a minute to complete, and you will soon know whether you have a chance to make a no win no fee compensation claim.