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Common hazards in the bar industry

Do you work behind a bar? You need to be a people-person to do this successfully, otherwise it can get very overwhelming. However, even if you have extensive experience and you know the common hazards in the bar industry, you may still have an accident of some description if you are unfortunate.

You may wonder what kinds of accidents could potentially occur in these roles. Fortunately, very few bar staff ever do have accidents, but this is largely down to the excellent health and safety rules that are in force for every workplace across the UK. We must also make mention of the diligence of most employers, who make sure they follow these regulations all the time.

What could happen to cause potential injury?

Well, there are many things that might occur. Working in a bar means serving drinks on a regular basis. If these are spilled (something that can and will occur) and they are not cleaned up, there is always a potential to slip over in that spillage. Additionally, you might end up slipping awkwardly and hurting yourself, when that could easily have been avoided.

Another example of common hazards in the bar industry is cutting yourself on broken glass. Again, this is testament to how important regular and diligent cleaning duties are. When cleaning is done properly, the odds of accidents like this happening are reduced. Additionally, having the right equipment to clean up with can help reduce the chances of being cut.

When should you call for no-obligation advice?

It is a good idea to call for proper legal advice following an accident in your workplace as soon as you can. Of course, your main concern will be to recover and to make sure you have proper medical advice if needed. However, once you are on the mend, a quick call placed to Accident Advice Helpline would be a very good idea indeed.

It’s easy to get in touch – just call 0800 689 5659 if you have come into contact with one of the common hazards in the bar industry and been in an accident as a result. This doesn’t happen often, but in some cases, you might end up being hurt in a way that was due to negligence on the part of another individual. If so, we may be able to help.