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Common accidents in a coffee shop

Accidents in a coffee shop are rare things, thankfully. Most people who visit coffee shops each day will pop in, grab a coffee and perhaps be tempted by a cake or a cookie. Very few of them will end up leaving with an injury. We Brits love coffee, too – in fact, the British Coffee Association confirms we get through an incredible 55 million cups of the stuff each day!

Some of that is drunk at home or at the office, of course, but when we head out to a coffee shop, we can be certain we’ll have an enjoyable experience. With that said, there is the potential for accidents in a coffee shop to happen, and if they do, some mishaps are more likely to occur than others.

Slips, trips and falls

These can happen anywhere, and they can take you completely by surprise, too. The potential danger in a coffee shop is obvious. A drink can easily be spilled on the floor, creating a slip hazard within moments. Spilled food can create the same hazard. There is also a risk of experiencing accidents in a coffee shop if you trip over an uneven or unnoticed step that is not clearly marked.

In every case, risk assessments should identify potential hazards that may cause injury or illness to people at the coffee shop – whether they are customers or staff. These hazards should then be assessed so solutions can be found.

If you slipped over and hurt yourself in a coffee shop, was there a warning sign you missed – or was there nothing there to reveal there was a spillage? Some accidents in a coffee shop could potentially create opportunities for the injured person to make a compensation claim, if they did nothing to cause the accident and the owner of the shop is found to have been negligent.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has plenty of information about preventing slips and trips at work. While the information is mainly aimed at employers looking after their workers, it should also be followed by anyone who owns or runs a coffee shop or other business where members of the public are welcome. They should minimise all potential risks so there is little chance of anyone suffering a slip, a trip, or a fall.

All employers and business owners have a duty of care

You may have heard of the duty of care before, but you may not be fully aware of its meaning. The term relates to the responsibilities held by an employer and/or business owner to take reasonable steps to prevent their workers and visitors or customers from being injured.

So, if you suffer from one of the many accidents in a coffee shop that could potentially occur in rare instances, you must think about what happened. Was someone else to blame? Did you slip and fall because of a hazard that had not been dealt with? The best way to find out if a claim would be possible and if you have grounds for making one is to contact a personal injury lawyer. They can assess the situation and reveal the likely outcome of a claim.

Food poisoning

The Food Standards Agency revealed there are over 500,000 cases of food poisoning occurring each year caused by pathogens we know about. Campylobacter is the most common of these, causing well over half the cases mentioned above.

While coffee is the main attraction in coffee shops, there are times when we pop in for a cake, a cookie, or perhaps even a sandwich or toastie, for example. The overwhelming majority of these will be fine and good to eat, but as with any outlet that serves food, there is a slim chance a case of food poisoning could potentially occur.

Imagine going into a coffee shop for a lunchtime snack, and before you know it, you’ve fallen ill. This may put you off going back there for a while, and you might wonder if anyone else fell ill as well. Such things should be reported, no matter where they occur. Local food safety officers will probably wish to inspect the premises to try and find the source of the illness, particularly when several people have fallen ill.

Scalds and burns

When you order a coffee, you expect it to be hot. However, sometimes it could be served at scalding temperatures. Most coffee shops have cups with warnings on them, but if you were served something that burned you and no warning was evident, you may potentially have a chance to seek compensation.

Burns and scalds do not often happen in coffee shops, thanks to the high safety levels in evidence in the majority of cases. However, if someone spills something on you, this could indicate negligence and this may mean you could claim.

Most coffee shops provide an excellent experience

While we have mentioned some of the more common accidents in a coffee shop here, it should be noted they all happen very rarely indeed. Yet if you are still reading up to this point, it may be because you’ve had an accident in this setting, or been hurt by a bout of food poisoning. If so, you do have a right to find out whether you could make a compensation claim following your experience.

Is it possible to claim for accidents in a coffee shop?

This is a straightforward process when you get in contact with Accident Advice Helpline. With over 16 years of experience already behind us, we’ve handled similar claims before. We’re here to provide the best, no-obligation advice today if you require it.

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