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Claims form injury at work

Claims form injury at work

There are a number of different forms that you might need to complete if you have been involved in an accident at work that has led to an injury. The claims form injury at work procedures can be broken down into:

  • Forms you need to complete for your employer
  • RIDDOR forms need to be completed for the Health & Safety Executive
  • Forms that need to be completed for your employer’s insurance company

Employer claims form injury at work

Many employers use these after an accident to help them to improve safety in the workplace. By recording details of each accident they can deal with any safety issues that they were previously unaware of.

For larger companies the claims form injury at work will be required for the Risk Management department, but for smaller companies, it will probably be a form that the Human Resources department request.

It is important to make sure that you give as much detail as possible on this form.

RIDDOR forms for the Health & Safety Executive

An employer must notify the Health & Safety Executive if there was an accident that resulted in a:

  • Death
  • Major injury
  • Injury leading to 7 days off work

Filling out and returning these forms is a legal requirement. You should also make sure that your accident has been recorded in the company’s accident book.

Insurance company claims form injury at work

Your employer’s Employers’ Liability insurers may require a claim form to be filled out when there has been an accident. This will enable them to assess who was responsible for the accident to determine whether their client – your employer – is liable.

Your employer will deal with this form, although you and your co-workers may be asked for information to help them complete the form.

The importance of completing the claims form injury at work

Filling out the claims form injury at work is important because it means that your employer can improve health and safety at your place of work. This will minimise the chance of a similar accident happening in the future. It is also important because it records the details of your accident. If you need to claim compensation, the claims form injury at work will be used to support your claim.

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