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How to claim torn bicep compensation

Your bicep can be found in your arm, and it plays a very important role in how you can move your arm too. You may not realise how important it is until you do something to tear it. The bicep is a muscle, and it is seen on the front section of your upper arm. If you do lots of exercise to strengthen that muscle it becomes very noticeable. A series of tendons – called bicep tendons – connect that muscle to the bones in your arm.

If you tear your bicep or one of the associated bicep tendons, it can be very painful. It can also prevent you from doing a lot of things you probably take for granted during daily life. For example you won’t be able to lift anything with that arm, and you could find you end up unable to even pull down a handle to open a door. If this is so, you’ve probably torn your bicep or one of the tendons that attaches it to the bones.

Does this situation mean you have an opportunity to claim torn bicep compensation?

Sometimes you could be the one to blame. Maybe you have been lifting something improperly at home and your bicep has torn as a result. However, if you were at work at the time and you lifted something without having proper training for it, this may mean your boss was at fault for not providing the training in the first place.

In other situations an accident could be responsible. Any kind of accident could potentially lead to tearing a muscle. If this is the case you might end up damaging your bicep. Even if you were trained in how to lift something heavy and you had someone else to help you, that person might have let go and walked away. If they did, you could be injured.

Learning about torn bicep compensation

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