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How to claim school broken bones compensation

Broken bones can happen in all kinds of situations. Arms and legs can be broken in falls or in accidents of all kinds. Children quite often break a bone at some point while they are growing up, thanks to the knocks and scrapes they often get themselves into.

However, there are isolated situations whereby those broken bones occur due to an incident at school. In this situation you have to ask why the accident happened in the first place.

This is where the question of negligence may come into play. We know kids can hurt themselves through no one else’s fault but their own. Things do happen and things can go wrong. However if there is evidence that negligence played a part in the injury occurring, the parents of that child may be able to claim school broken bones compensation.

Learning more about school broken bones compensation

Bones can break in a variety of ways. Sometimes a fracture can be very simple and heal in a matter of weeks. More complex breaks can require surgery however, and in some rare cases the bone can even break through the skin.

If the injury occurred because the school did not take proper care or perform a risk assessment that could have prevented the situation occurring, there could be a chance of school broken bones compensation being paid out.

Many people wonder how much they might win in compensation if their case is successful. The actual amount that is awarded will always depend on the exact circumstances of the case. For example, a more complex break requiring surgery will likely gain a higher payout than a simple fracture that heals within a few weeks.

Has your child had a broken bone within the last three years?

Your child’s injury does not need to have happened in the recent past. Providing it occurred within the last three years you could have a chance to make a claim. To find out whether this is the case, call Accident Advice Helpline now.

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