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Claim forms

Thanks to modern technology, we are all filling in fewer paper forms than we did a decade ago. It’s possible to open a bank account online or apply for a loan by telephone. You can renew a driving licence this way and seek information about all manner of things without having to put pen to paper.

Of course, we still have to sign claim forms from time to time. Our personal signature is needed to seal a deal or to finalise a process. Often forms are sent through the post after we have provided essential details online. All that’s required of us is our signature.

Claim forms for personal injury

Legal matters naturally involve some paperwork and a personal injury compensation claim will require some claim forms. You’ll be pleased to hear, however, that Accident Advice Helpline have done away with as much paperwork as possible.

We won’t ask you to fill in any forms to start your claim. You can get things moving with just a phone call. As a national personal injury law firm we can process your compensation claim by telephone wherever you live in the UK.

Personal injuries

Claiming compensation for personal injuries can be stressful if you don’t have the support and guidance you need. It’s a fact that many people entitled to compensation, never claim it. Perhaps it’s the thought of completing claim forms and attending appointments with lawyers to sign this and sign that.

Accident Advice Helpline won’t put you through any stress like this. We will support you and handle your claim so that you can concentrate on getting over your accident. We will do all the work for you.

How to start your compensation claim

You need to check if you’re eligible to claim first of all. Take our 30-second test™ which will tell you if this is the case. You’ll also get an idea of the amount of compensation you might receive.

If you’d rather speak to someone in person then we have a team of trained advisors available on our helpline to answer all your questions. There’s no obligation to make a claim. We will give you some free legal advice to help you decide your next step.

If your accident happened in the last three years and wasn’t your fault you are likely to qualify for some compensation. You will need medical evidence to support a claim and this can be obtained from your doctor or whoever treated you after your accident.

Call Accident Advice Helpline now and stop worrying about claim forms. The numbers you need are 0800 689 5659 phone.

We look forward to helping you.