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How to claim broken clavicle compensation

Your clavicle is one of the easier bones to feel under the skin. It is the thin bone that runs across from your neck to your shoulder along the front upper section of your chest. As such, any fall or accident that results in an impact to your shoulder can break this bone. Most people refer to the clavicle as the collarbone.

This type of fracture can potentially occur if you fall in such a way as to land on a shoulder. You can sometimes feel the break in the bone beneath the skin, although the amount of pain you will likely experience will be quite significant. Depending on how bad the fracture is, you could be given a triangular sling to help keep your arm in a good position while it heals. However, in some cases you might require surgery to pin the bones so they can heal properly.

How can you suffer a broken clavicle?

This bone can be broken in a fall, as we have already discovered. However, it may also occur if you are involved in a car accident or a bike accident. Any fall or direct impact to that area of your shoulder can potentially break that bone.

While treatment will be your number one priority if you suspect you have broken your collarbone, you may wish to consider the circumstances of your accident as well. In some cases people find that someone else caused their accident to occur, and therefore, it may have been avoidable. Since you may suffer considerable pain and discomfort, as well as the inconvenience of going to and from hospital appointments and possibly missing work too, broken clavicle compensation can give you financial recompense.

Can Accident Advice Helpline be of service?

We have been helping people with broken bones receive compensation for many years. If you call us on 0800 689 5659 we can find out whether you have a chance to make a claim for broken clavicle compensation. The amount may well depend on your individual situation, but our lawyers can assess the facts so you will soon find out whether you could get anything for your injuries.

Proving negligence is the crucial matter here. By using our services you could make a no win no fee claim for whatever happened to you and your shoulder within the past three years.