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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

    Esther Rantzen

    Category : Road Traffic Accident Claims

    Compensation for dangerous driving incidents

    Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle, on local jaunts, or long motorway hauls, will have witnessed their fair share of dangerous driving incidents. But the most conscientious driver, who takes great care to observe the highway code, and ensures their vehicle is regularly maintained for roadworthiness, remains at the mercy of less competent road….

    How to claim dangerous driver compensation

    Thankfully there are very few dangerous drivers on our roads today. The vast majority of people understand how important it is to make sure they are competent and able to drive a vehicle without endangering anyone else. This means driving at or below the speed limit, according to the conditions of the road, and being….

    How to claim roundabout collision compensation

    You’d be surprised how many accidents happen when vehicles are approaching or on a roundabout. You may not be driving at speed, but even a low-speed collision or pile-up could lead to injuries to your back, neck and shoulders that could be incredibly painful. Roundabouts are a known accident blackspot, as there is traffic approaching….

    How to claim motorway accident compensation

    Driving on a motorway can be quite frightening if you are not used to it. Even experienced drivers don’t always enjoy the process, and yet it can sometimes be the only way to get from A to B. Greater speeds are obviously involved on motorways, with the maximum speed limit set at 70mph for cars…..

    Accidents caused by drivers distracted by a sat-nav

    There may be times when you are required to go on a long journey while driving but are unsure of how to get to your destination. Satellite navigation systems come in handy when you are going on a last minute trip to somewhere unfamiliar or you get lost in a different area. There are plenty….

    Helpful advice about road traffic accident prevention

    Road traffic accident prevention could literally save lives in some cases. In many other instances, preventative measures can save minor accidents from happening as well. After all, even minor accidents can result in whiplash and damage to the cars involved. Doesn’t it make sense to avoid as many of these collisions as we can? Prevention….

    The consequences of unsafe driving practices

    Remember when you first passed your driving test? In fact, do you remember when you first got behind the wheel of a car to drive it for the first time? It was a scary moment, no doubt, but over time you will have built up confidence and experience, and once your test was over you….

    How to claim reckless driving compensation

    Most drivers take every care to drive properly and carefully when they go out on the road. No one wants to cause any injuries to anyone else, which is why we tend to do all we can to drive safely and with consideration to other road users. Reckless driving compensation is normally paid out in….

    How to claim country lane collision compensation

    A road accident in a country lane has the potential to be quite serious. While it may only involve two vehicles, a head-on collision can cause serious damage and is possible if someone is on the wrong side of the road. They may be overtaking when in this position, or they could simply be cutting….

    Compensation for being hit by a lorry

    Every day on Britain’s roads a number of accidents take place. There could be any number of reasons why they occur, but it is probably fair to say that accidents involving lorries can be potentially very serious indeed. The size of a vehicle like this, not to mention the weight, means there could be potentially….

    Compensation for city centre road collision

    A city centre road collision can happen out of the blue. In most cases, the traffic flowing through towns and cities does so at a carefully regulated rate, through one-way systems or single carriageways that have been designed to cope with the relevant flow of vehicles. There will be speed bumps or restrictions in areas….

    Compensation for van and lorry accidents

    Vans and other large vehicles can be extremely dangerous if involved in a road traffic accident due to the size and weight of the vehicle. There may also be cargo in the back of the van or lorry which could spill out causing drivers to swerve or be injured. Crashes involving loading vehicles can cause….

    Road accident claim for litter picker

    A man who was seriously injured when he was struck by a car while litter picking for Manchester City Council has been awarded a £15,000 payout. The council pleaded guilty to a breach of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and was ordered to pay a £15,000 fine along with £3,830 in….

    What is Road Safety Wales?

    Road Safety Wales is an organisation which works to promote road safety and responsible driving on the country’s roads. The organisation operates by developing cooperation between key partners across the country to help reduce the number of casualties on the roads caused by unsafe driving practices. Several campaigns and action plans are created with the….

    Finding road traffic accident statistics 2015

    If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, chances are you want to find out more about whether you’re eligible to make a personal injury claim. If somebody else is to blame for your accident, you could be entitled to claim compensation within three years of your accident. But researching online for road….

    Minor and major road traffic accident injuries

    If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, you could suffer road traffic accident injuries ranging from minor (cuts and bruises) to life-changing (brain injury or a spinal injury). However, one thing that many people don’t realise is that you could make a personal injury claim even if you have sustained less serious….

    How to claim HGV accident compensation

    HGV stands for heavy goods vehicle. If an accident happens it not only involves a larger vehicle, it also involves a vehicle that may be laden with heavy goods as well, thus making the weight even more significant. If you are in any type of road accident it can be upsetting, stressful and of course….

    Compensation for a rear-end collision

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that if someone runs into the back of your vehicle, they’re automatically at fault, but that’s not always the case. You could be at fault if you have stopped suddenly, swerved to avoid a hazard in the road, or made to turn off the road and failed to indicate. If….

    Compensation for a crash with a recovery truck

    Recovery trucks are usually carrying or towing vehicles which have broken down, therefore, it is important that they maintain a slow, steady speed and avoid braking heavily. If they are speeding or forced to brake hard, they risk the bar between the truck and the vehicle being towed braking, which could cause a serious accident…..

    Driving lesson accident counselling

    For many, learning to drive is the first step to gaining independence, but it also carries an element of risk. Motor accidents range from minor bumps and scrapes to major accidents, which in some very severe cases can prove fatal. At Accident Advice Helpline, we regularly advise clients who have suffered physical injuries, but there….

    What is National Road Victims Month?

    Organised by the RoadPeace Organisation in 1998, National Road Victims Month aims to remember those who tragically lost loved ones in road traffic accidents. The month is dedicated to all of those who have lost their lives in road accidents and aims to help promote awareness of road safety among all road users. As a….

    What is the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)?

    The Institute of Advanced Motorists (known as IAM for short) is an independent charity focussed on improving road safety. They have a number of courses you can take that are fully approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). These courses are designed to test your existing driving skills and to enhance them so you become….

    What is the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)?

    VOSA stands for the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, which has recently been replaced by DVSA. This new agency (the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) will merge VOSA with the DSA, which was previously called the Driving Standards Agency. VOSA provided many assorted services related to vehicles and driving and all these services have now….

    Deborah’s Real-life Road Traffic Accident Story

    Deborah received £2,500 “A car pulled out of one of the side streets and wasn’t looking and went straight into us. “We chose Accident Advice Helpline. They sounded more friendly. They asked what had happened, if we were hurt, how it happened, where it happened. They were very quick and they were very helpful. I….

    Jamie’s Road Traffic Accident Story

    Jamie received £4,500 “I had a whiplash injury. That was from a car crash. Somebody went into the back of me on a roundabout. I heard about Accident Advice Helpline. I went to Google and it was one of the first or second on the list and I simply pressed go, and did that. “You….

    Martin received £5,500 for his Road Traffic Accident

    “I’ve had a road traffic accident. I sustained injuries to my neck, my shoulder and my right arm. I contacted the Accident Advice Helpline because I was advised to by my friends and family, because I was having problems with pain after the accident. “You go online, through their website, and you do a quick….

    Rebecca’s Road Traffic Accident Success Story

    Rebecca received £5,000 “I had a car accident. I was actually pregnant at the time so I sustained back injuries and whiplash injuries. I didn’t actually call the Accident Advice Helpline, I did the 30-second test. “In the 30-second test it just asked just a few general questions about my accident to see whether I….

    Peter’s road traffic accident compensation

    Peter received £4,500 “Hi, my name’s Peter. I got in touch with Accident Advice Helpline after a motor vehicle accident that I had, which was quite serious at the time. I sustained mainly whiplash and back injury. I was off work for ten weeks. “I spoke directly to a representative from Accident Advice Helpline and….

    Injury on the Road

    If you have suffered an injury on the road from an accident that was not your fault then you need to speak to a no-obligation, free advice service about the complicated world of compensation! Sometimes it can be very hard to know where to turn with different firms telling you different things and hearing conflicting….

    How to claim following an RTA

    A quick guide on how to claim following an RTA How often do road traffic accidents (RTAs) occur? They are so common now that we forget to even empathise. When you are sat in a huge tailback on the dual carriageway, do you look at your watch, shuffle in your seat and worry about whether your….

    In a road accident

    So you were involved in a road accident and it was someone else’s fault. Did you know that you could make a no win no fee claim for compensation with Accident Advice Helpline? I was in a road accident. How do I claim for compensation? Throughout the world, car accidents lead to injury, death and disability. Many….

    Injured on the road

    So you were injured on the road and it was someone else’s fault. Did you know that you could make a no win no fee claim for compensation with Accident Advice Helpline? I was injured on the road. How do I claim for compensation? Throughout the world, road accidents lead to injury, death and disability…..

    How much compensation for a driving accident?

    If you’re asking ‘how much compensation for a driving accident?’ you’ve come to the right place No matter how good and safe a driver you are, you can’t eliminate the risk of being involved in a car accident. There is always the possibility that the actions of another will leave you unable to avoid a collision…..

    How much can I claim if I am in a road accident?

    The law states that if you fall ill or are injured and somebody else was to blame then you are entitled to seek financial compensation from the party that was at fault. This compensation is available in order to allow victims of injuries and illnesses to cope with the physical, psychological and financial hardships that….

    Injured in a collision on the road

    Injured in a collision on the road? If you’ve been injured in a collision on the road then you will know just how damaging a serious injury inflicted in a road traffic accident can be physically, emotionally and financially. For the victim it can often be the emotional, psychological and financial implications of their accident….

    Personal injury road traffic accident claims

    Cycling on London’s Roads Many people wouldn’t even dream of driving a car in London, let alone using two wheels. In 2012, 571 people died or were seriously injured cycling in the capital — an enormous rise of 22% from 2010. In fact, there’s been an upward trend every year since 2009. Vying for space with….

    Simple Traffic Accident Forms

    You were only a passenger. You weren’t even riding up front, but here you are, banged up in hospital covered in plaster and wondering how to start a claim for compensation. In this case, people – including you – were injured, the police attended and there was a police report. This report accurately recorded the final positions of….

    Compensation Payout for Road Traffic Accident

    What factors affect compensation payout for a road traffic accident? Firstly, compensation payout for road traffic accident is subject to the type of injuries a non-fault accident victim has suffered in the accident. For example, a broken arm and a few bruises will heal in a matter of weeks, but somebody who has suffered spinal….

    Compensation For Road Traffic Accident

    How to find out if you might be entitled to compensation for road traffic accident Life is full of surprises, some are wonderful and are actually what give us the quality of life; some are nasty and we have to find the best way possible to deal with them. Imagine then that it is your….

    What is recruitment drivers’ negligence insurance?

    When it comes to driving almost any vehicle, it is usually necessary to have some form of insurance to protect yourself and those around you in the case of an accident. If you work for a recruitment agency which provides drivers to other companies, it is normal practice for that recruitment agency to have drivers’….

    Road Accident Payout

    Are you looking for a road accident payout as you have met with a road accident? Is it possible for you to get a road accident payout? There are so many different ways in which you can meet with an accident on the road and here is how you may be able to get compensated….

    Average compensation for road traffic accidents

    Road traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in the UK. In fact, in 2015 there were 186,209 people injured in road traffic accidents across the country. In the aftermath of a serious accident, you may not feel physically or emotionally capable of making a claim for personal injury compensation, if somebody else….

    Free traffic accident online injury compensation

    Can I get free traffic accident online injury compensation? Road traffic accidents are all too common in the UK.  They can happen for any number of reasons. If the fault was not yours, you are entitled to free traffic accident online injury compensation.  Some examples of road traffic accidents that might entitle you to make….

    Do you get compensation for road traffic accidents?

    Do you get compensation for road traffic accidents? One of the common questions on our helpline is “do you get compensation for road traffic accidents?” Our roads are becoming more congested each year. There is some evidence that our major roads are reasonably safe and becoming more so for motorists. Our motorways are generally very safe….

    Motor accident claims court proceedings

    Motor Accident Claims Court Proceedings and You Car accident claims must all follow a set process, laid down in the Civil Procedure Rules, and which apply whether you are representing yourself, or a personal injury specialist such as Accident Advice Helpline, is acting on your behalf. Laying the Foundations You will need to make sure….

    Get the facts about auto accidents

    Get advice today. Get the facts about auto accidents Did you know that road traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries in the UK today and that in 2012, there were a total of 197,730 casualties that occurred as a direct result of auto accidents on our roads? So, what are the most common causes….

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