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    "If you've been injured through no fault of your own you could be entitled to compensation. If you're unsure if you could claim, I recommend you call Accident Advice Helpline."

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    Category : Car accident claims

    What is the average compensation for a car accident?

    Being injured in a car accident is no laughing matter and every year in the UK, thousands of people suffer injuries after a road traffic accident. Even if you’re the most cautious driver in the world, you could still be injured by a less careful driver, and if somebody else is responsible for your accident….

    Claiming for car crashes due to drunk driving

    Whether you have a driving licence or not, most people are aware that to drive a vehicle safely requires the driver to be alert and sober. Drinking alcohol and being over the drink-drive limit can endanger passengers, pedestrians and other road users and it is a legal offence. Though there are many campaigns to highlight….

    Understanding a car accident claim and going to court

    Are you holding back from making a claim? Is it because you are nervous about making a car accident claim and going to court? The thought of doing this is understandably quite nerve-wracking for some people. However, while no guarantee can be given that you won’t have to do this, it is quite rare for….

    How to claim car accident anxiety compensation

    ContentsCan you claim for anxiety stemming from a car accident?Find out today if you may be able to claim car accident anxiety compensationMost people feel perfectly safe and protected in a car. However, if they were involved in a crash, that feeling of security could soon disappear. Even if the airbags and design of the….

    What are the average car accident compensation amounts?

    ContentsSo what could you win?Learning more about average car accident compensation amountsIf you are ever in a car smash that leaves you with injuries, you’ll want to know if you might have a chance to get compensation. This might potentially be true if another person can be proven to have caused the accident, i.e. another….

    Common causes of motorway accidents

    Motorway accidents can occur at any time, on any motorway, and if somebody else is to blame for your accident, you could find yourself in a position to make a personal injury claim. Perhaps somebody you know has been seriously injured in an accident on a motorway? Or maybe you yourself have sustained minor injuries….

    The consequences of speeding

    ContentsAccidents can be more severe at higher speedsKnowing what to do if you’ve been hurt in an accident like thisAll drivers are aware that different types of roads have different speed limits attached to them. Motorways enable drivers to drive faster than they would on country roads, for example; a motorway limit is 70mph while….

    Compensation for multi-storey car park accidents

    Multi-storey car parks are becoming more common in town centres as land becomes scarce. Many shopping malls have multi-storey car parks attached to them to encourage people to visit their shops. These car parks often fill up with a lot of vehicles and can become susceptible to multi-storey car park accidents. Accidents in car parks….

    I was injured when my car hit a deer or badger, can I claim?

    ContentsShould you make a report if your car hit a deer or badger?What should you do if your car hit a deer or badger?Injuries often suffered in car accidentsIs it possible to claim compensation if your car hits a deer or badger?Call today for free initial adviceWe all know accidents can happen on the roads….

    Car park accident advice

    Although they do not attract the same publicity as road traffic accidents, accidents in car parks do happen. If you suffer a mishap in one of these places then you should seek car park accident advice. Accident Advice Helpline are personal injury specialists and our in-house solicitors have the expertise to give you car park….

    A negligent mechanic caused my car accident

    Whether your car needs to go in for its annual MOT and service or you need repair work done on a faulty or broken part, we all like to think we can trust mechanics with our vehicles. Mechanics are highly qualified and usually highly experienced, and they have a responsible job – ensuring our cars….

    Introduction to Car Accident Claims

    ContentsEstablishing fault in a car accidentWhat to do if you are involved in a car accidentHow to claimIt can often be very difficult to know who is to blame for a car accident. Most insurance companies explicitly state in their policies that drivers should not admit fault in any way until it has been incontrovertibly….

    Car accident swap details: Insurance details

    Apart from giving first aid to potential victims of traffic accidents, one of the first things to do at the scene is to swap and obtain contact and insurance details with all parties involved. Why you should swap insurance details after a road traffic accident? There are two reasons for swapping insurance details. The first is….

    Winter Accidents: Icy car parks

    When winter falls, accidents on the road are the bane of many drivers’ days. A road traffic accident is unsettling whatever the weather. Snowy and icy conditions, however, can leave you feeling particularly anxious and particularly vulnerable to a road traffic accident. Car accidents in car parks Car park accidents are not uncommon. With a….

    The top 5 car accident excuses

    ContentsAre car accident excuses the same the world over?How much compensation could you get for road traffic accident injuries?How do I get in touch with you?Did you know that in 2015, 22,317 people were seriously injured in road traffic accidents in the UK? Accident Advice Helpline has helped hundreds of people to claim compensation for….

    MOTs and car accidents

    When you’re out and about on the road, it is always good to know that the vehicle that you are driving meets the legal safety requirements. To reduce the risk of road-related accidents, it is now law for all cars over three years old to undergo a full MOT in order to obtain insurance and to….

    Faulty clutch accident claim

    ContentsWhat causes a faulty clutch?Why claim compensation?What do I need to make a valid claim?Let us help youAt Accident Advice Helpline, we have an excellent track record of winning compensation for clients making faulty clutch accident claims. If you have been involved in a car accident and you suspect that a faulty clutch was to….

    Faulty brakes accident advice

    ContentsWho is responsible for an accident caused by faulty brakes?Was someone else involved in the collision who may have had faulty brakes?The importance of seeking medical help for injuries sustainedFind out today whether we could help you make a claimAre you looking for faulty brakes accident advice? Faulty brakes are just one potential reason why….

    Supermarket Accidents: The Store Car Park

    The car park of any supermarket is busy more often than not: filled with shoppers; new mothers pushing prams; children running around; and cars trying to find spaces. So it’s not surprising that this is a hot spot for injury claims with so many potential hazards. What kinds of possible injury claims are there? Car….

    Claiming against drunk drivers

    ContentsWhat’s the legal blood alcohol level in the UK?Have you been injured in an accident involving a drunk driver?Claiming against drunk driversAre drink-driving accidents on the rise?Injuries from road traffic accidentsAccident Advice Helpline can help with claiming against drunk driversThousands of accidents a year are caused by drivers getting behind the wheel whilst they are….

    What to do if you break down on the motorway

    There can be few fates worse that breaking down in the middle of a busy motorway, but there is no need to despair as long as you’re adequately prepared for the eventuality (try as we might, it can and will happen to us all at some point). There are currently almost 30 million cars now….

    When a car accident is not your fault

    Unfortunately, car accidents are common but they can cause serious injury. Common car accident injuries we hear about regularly at Accident Advice Helpline include whiplash, neck strain, head trauma and back trauma. However, you can claim for any injury as long as it has caused you pain and suffering and you were not the one….

    Motorway accidents – The three most common causes

    ContentsCommon causes of motorway accidentsTirednessTailgatingRubberneckingStaying safe on the motorwayClaiming compensation after motorway accidentsAccording to statistics from the Department for Transport, the number of motorway accidents in the UK is declining, with figures showing 5,615 accidents reported to police in 2012. Yet motorway accidents are fairly common, although not all cause injury and only a small….

    What to do if you’ve been involved in a car accident

    Have you been hurt whilst crossing the road? When road traffic accidents occur, people are often most concerned about how the drivers and passengers are affected. Of course, it is entirely possible that they could have sustained serious injuries so it’s important that they receive medical attention. However, pedestrians can also be affected by road….

    The symptoms of car accident injuries

    What are the symptoms of car accident injuries? Generally, car accident injuries can vary depending on the nature of the collision. Whilst some people can escape a car wreck with just minor injuries, others can sustain very serious or even life-changing injuries, as a result of an accident. One common factor with the symptoms of….

    Treating car accident injuries

    Have you been injured whilst driving? If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may feel some degree of responsibility, even if you weren’t the person at fault. Often, innocent drivers replay the accident in their minds, trying to decide if there is anything they could have done different to prevent the accident from….

    The long term effects of being involved in a car accident

    Have you been injured by a traffic accident? Although many vehicles have safety features which are designed to protect drivers and passengers, people can still sustain injuries if an accident occurs. Even if the safety features work exactly as they should, they aren’t always enough to prevent serious injuries from occurring. Of course, other types….

    Claiming for a car accident

    Have you been injured whilst using the roads? When people think of car accidents, they often assume that drivers and passengers are most affected. However, any type of road user can be affected by road traffic accidents and cyclists account for a large number of casualties. Although many areas now have cycle lanes, there are….

    Long term effects of being involved in a car crash

    If you’re lucky enough to not suffer from one of the long term effects of being involved in a car crash, you are one of the very few. Being a victim of a car crash doesn’t just mean that you’re affected physically. It can also have damaging effects on your mental health and your finances,….

    How does a car accident occur?

    Travelling safely on the roads If you’re setting out on a long journey, you may want to take certain things into consideration. Although devices such as satellite navigation systems can make travelling easier, it’s important to ensure that you’re travelling as safely as possible. For example, you’ll want to factor in some rest stops if….

    Car accident whiplash symptoms

    Dover is a town in England and certain discoveries suggest that the town has been populated since the Stone Age. There is a ferry port in the area which has attracted many locals and tourists travelling to and from continental Europe. If you have car accident whiplash symptoms, contact a lawyer so you can get….

    Car accident stories

    London is one of the most heavily populated metropolitan cities in the United Kingdom. As a result you would discover people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. You would also find various areas of interest in the city, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London and Madam Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum. If you….

    When you have a car accident

    When you have a car accident, there are certain steps you must take to comply with the law and protect your legal rights. Unfortunately, in many cases, you will not be able to think clearly or recall the actions you need to take. To help in this situation, follow our checklist below: Actions to take….

    What happens after a car accident?

    Of course, car accidents are not something any of us really like to think about. However, across the UK, car accidents are an unfortunate reality of life, and it’s important that you know what to do if you are ever unlucky enough to be involved in one yourself – before it happens. If you’re wondering….

    Travel anxiety after a car accident

    ContentsAnxiety and panic attacksSymptoms of travel anxiety after a car accidentWhat can you do if you are experiencing this situation?It’s not uncommon to suffer travel anxiety after a car accident. Some people aren’t affected at all once they get over the initial shock of what has happened. Others might experience mild travel anxiety after a….

    Symptoms of whiplash after car accident

    Hundreds of people suffer the symptoms of whiplash after a car accident. It is a very common condition which is caused by the force resulting from being hit by another car, usually from behind. This condition happens when the head is forced back and forth, spraining the ligaments and muscles in the neck, sometimes affecting….

    Case studies on car crash compensation

    What can I learn from case studies on car crash compensation? If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you’ll probably know that you might be able to claim for compensation to help you to cover your unexpected expenses. There’s a lot of information out there though, and it can often….

    Hurt in a car accident

    What to do if you’ve been hurt in a car accident Car accidents can be very stressful, and whilst no one ever expects to be involved in a road traffic collision, it pays to know exactly what you should do if the worst does happen and you’re hurt in a car accident. This can help….

    Car injury compensation how much

    If I am making a claim for car injury compensation how much am I able to receive? If you are looking to make a claim for car injury compensation, how much you receive will depend on many different factors that can be broken down into different sections. The main factor taking into account when calculating….

    Car accident payouts

    Here at Accident Advice Helpline we often get queries from customers and potential customers in regards to car accident payouts.  Have you been involved in a car accident yourself and do you have your own queries, questions and concerns about car accident payouts?  Well if this is the case then Accident Advice Helpline is here….

    Car accident neck injuries

    There are no injuries following a car accident that are nice or pleasant in anyway but car accident neck injuries in particular can be very painful and nasty. Have you been in a car accident? Have you been left with car accident neck injuries? If so then there is something you can do. You can….

    Car accident back problems

    Are you suffering from car accident back problems? Is this something that you think you just have to put up with? You may be very wrong about that indeed. Car accident back problems are not always something with which motorists have to put up. In fact, your car accident back problems could end up winning you a….

    Car accident at work

    You will have certainly heard about car accidents – unfortunately hundreds of them happen every day. You have probably also heard about accidents at work – these are a little less common, but sadly an all too frequent occurrence in many workplaces. So what about a car accident at work? How does that get dealt….

    Car accident history

    There are several sets of paperwork associated with a personal injury claim and Accident Advice Helpline will do their best to help you out with as much of it as they can. However, there are some aspects that you will have to deal with because you are the only one who can provide the accurate….

    Car accident facts

    We hear a lot of hype about car accidents every year and it can be difficult to separate the car accident facts from the fiction. We are told that safety features are being improved in cars all the time yet thousands of us are still hurt in car accidents every year. We here the high….

    Car accident compensation for non-fault crash

    Are you looking for car accident compensation for a non-fault crash? If you’re looking for information about car accident compensation for a non-fault crash contact Accident Advice Helpline. If you asked our clients about the reasons that they chose Accident Advice Helpline you will get one of several possible answers. They reflect the aspects of….

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