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Can I sue my dentist?

When you visit your dentist, whether for emergency or planned treatment, you are entitled to a certain level of competence from all staff involved. In any procedure things can go wrong and sometimes they are unavoidable, but in cases of negligence, whether from ignorance or bad practice, you may well have a strong case to sue your dentist. The lawyers at Accident Advice Helpline have a lot experience in helping people deal with the aftermath of incompetence from both doctors and dentists, and understand that there will be a degree of embarrassment but also probably long-standing pain and other life-changing issues when dental disasters occur.

Keep good records in case you need to sue your dentist

It may seem a rather negative attitude but the experienced lawyers at Accident Advice Helpline find it much easier to pursue your case if you keep clear and comprehensive paperwork. This needs to be kept from the outset, so never throw away letters or reports as these may prove to be vital should the need arise to sue your dentist. This applies especially to complex procedures which are of mostly cosmetic value, such as tooth implants and other non-reversible processes. Make sure before you begin treatment that you have a contract that spells out clearly what the dentist’s responsibilities towards you are. This is not to say that you won’t be able to sue a dentist without such a contract, but it does make your case for personal injury compensation easier to win.

Reasonable expectations

If you visit your dentist you have a reasonable expectation of receiving good quality care. If this falls short, you can revisit your dentist to give him or her a chance to put it right but most people seek a second opinion. This is very important in a case where the competence of the dentist is likely to be queried in court, so it is very important to go to another practice. If you are not sure what steps to take at this stage, call our freephone helpline – we have been in the business of helping people gain personal injury compensation since 2000 and have experience in all aspects of dental and medical claims. If you are in pain and have been left with an unsightly mouth or even a dangerous infection, you need to move fast, so don’t delay if you feel you have a case to sue your dentist.