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Can you have a sprained ankle with no swelling?

If you have a sprained ankle, no swelling is a possible outcome. We do associate some swelling and bruising with a sprain, but it doesn’t always appear. A lot will depend on how badly you sprained your ankle to begin with.

For example, a mild sprain will mean minor tearing of the affected ligament in your ankle. It will be painful and uncomfortable, and it may cause you to limp on that foot, but you may not have any swelling and you may recover quite quickly. The situation can be very different when it comes to a more serious sprain, though.

A sprained ankle with no swelling or bruising

A sprained ankle with no swelling or bruising is likely to be a mild sprain. However, if you badly damage the ligament and suffer a complete tear in it, you will see your ankle starting to swell almost immediately. In this case, bruising will likely develop quite soon after the injury as well. Elevating the ankle will help reduce the swelling, no matter how bad or mild the injury was.

You might seek medical advice for a sprain unless it is very mild, in which case you may only have strained the ligament rather than tearing it. If you cannot put your weight on that foot and you felt a tearing in your ankle when you had your accident, medical advice is a good idea.

What about claiming for a sprained ankle?

You might consider making a no win no fee claim in situations where you were not at fault for what happened to you. If you slipped, tripped or fell on a wet floor with no warning signs, or sprained your ankle due to an uneven or potentially dangerous pavement or pothole, a claim could potentially be possible.

Getting proper legal advice is just as important as seeing your GP or a doctor at a casualty department for a sprained ankle, no swelling present or not. Accident Advice Helpline can take care of the legal advice for you, and we provide our advice on a no-obligation basis, too. Call us now on 0800 689 5659. When you speak to someone in the know, you’ll soon know if a claim might be a real possibility.