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Can I claim criminal injuries compensation?

If you have been injured as the result of a criminal act, whether it was a single incident or a period of abuse, the answer to the question, ‘Can I claim criminal injuries compensation?’ is likely to be, yes. As long as your injury occurred in the past two years, in England, Scotland or Wales, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority will be able to consider your claim for compensation. With help from one of our team of solicitors at Accident Advice Helpline you can quickly and painlessly look forward to receiving the compensation you deserve.

Victims of crime

The types of injuries sustained by the victims of crime come in many forms, though physical injuries from beatings, stabbings or shootings are among the most common. For many, however, the real damage is the emotional trauma inflicted by violent crimes or long-term abuse.

If you have been the victim of a violent crime Accident Advice Helpline can help you claim criminal injuries compensation. Awards can be as high as £500,000, with additional payments being available for loss of earnings and on-going treatment.

Witnesses to violent crime

In many cases, the simple act of witnessing a violent crime can trigger severe emotional trauma. Such a condition has the potential to require potentially expensive psychological therapy and in many cases can result in you requiring time off work to recover. The loss of earnings serious emotional trauma can lead to is sure to be a serious blow to any family. In cases such as this, the Accident Advice Helpline will help you make a claim for criminal injury compensation, allowing you to focus on recovery without the worry of financial loss.

Injury through the prevention of crime

Stepping in to aid someone who is being subjected to a violent attack is to be commended, but while such action can help save innocent lives, it can also result in injuries to yourself as you attempt to divert the criminals’ attention. As with the direct victims of crime, injuries range from minor grazes and bruises to much more serious conditions, some of which can have an adverse effect on your future earnings and lifestyle. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority recognises that such injuries do occur, and they are able to offer compensation, as long as the crime is reported to the police.

What is needed to claim?

In order to make a successful claim for criminal injuries there are three basic conditions to be met. Firstly, the crime must have taken place in the past two years in England, Scotland or Wales. Secondly, the incident must have been reported to the police and finally, the minimum level of compensation being claimed must amount to £1,000.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority operates a compensation tariff system consisting of 25 levels, which ranges from £1,000 to £500,000. In addition to the tariff system, payments can also be made for on-going treatment, loss of earnings, and fatalities. The process ensures that most claims can be completed without you having to appear in court, or provide any further evidence.

For a comprehensive answer to the question, ‘Can I claim criminal injuries compensation?’ all you need do is call Accident Advice Helpline today and our friendly advisers will begin the process of claiming compensation on your behalf.