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Can a broken nose cause headache problems?

A broken nose is a serious facial injury. It is also very painful and while the worst of the injury will heal in a couple of weeks, it may take longer to heal completely. It is also not unusual for a broken nose to cause headaches, since you will have swelling from the trauma caused in the accident.

People break their noses in many ways, but they all boil down to two main causes. The first is to receive a blow to the nose, which may be heavy enough to fracture the bone. The second is to suffer a fall where the person lands on their face and breaks their nose in doing so.

Is it possible to claim if a broken nose causes headaches?

Painkillers are very useful in the early stages following a broken nose, because they will ease the pain of the injury, allowing you to rest and heal more easily. See your GP if you are concerned, or if you suffer any symptoms that seem to get worse or do not go away. The other benefit of doing this is that your injury is then on your medical records, as these will be accessed if you decide to make a compensation claim following what happened to you.

There is no immediate need to make a claim if you would rather recover from the injury first. The time limit is three years, so you have plenty of time. However, many people like to put in a claim early because it means they can draw a line under the experience and move on. Everything is fresh in the mind, too, and you may also have physical signs from your injury that can be checked and noted by an independent doctor.

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Calling Accident Advice Helpline makes sense and you can do so free on 0800 689 5659. While your broken nose should heal, you have still been through a traumatic experience. Find out today if you have a chance to claim for the injury you suffered due to a third party’s negligent behaviour.