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Building site accidents in Brighton and Hove

Have you been hurt in building site accidents in Brighton and Hove?

Fork lift trucks, however helpful they may be when heavy lifting and moving of objects is required, are very dangerous pieces of equipment and can cause very serious injuries when accidents happen, and even fatalities. It’s not only the driver who is at risk of these accidents and injuries, but all those around them, including other workers, and members of the public if they are used at places such as warehouses and garden centres.

However you were involved, if you have been injured by a fork lift truck in accident that wasn’t your fault, then you can make a claim for building site accidents in Brighton and Hove and see what our solicitors can do for you.

Injuries and accidents with fork lift trucks

There are a surprising number of different ways in which injuries can occur when a fork lift truck is involved. These can include:

  • Fork lift trucks can fall over when moving over uneven surfaces or with an improperly positioned load.
  • With an improperly positioned load, there is the risk of it falling from the fork lift truck and onto someone passing by.
  • The fork lift truck may be being driven incorrectly or carelessly, running into those around it, or causing them injury as they step out of the way.
  • The fork lift truck could crash into something that then falls on those nearby.

Though fork lift truck drivers are required to be properly trained before driving such a vehicle, it is common for those who are not to operate one. Other safety precautions, such as personal protective equipment, especially high visibility clothing, should be present in the workplace to protect others. If these have not been done, and accidents have happened, you have the right to make claim for building site accidents in Brighton and Hove, not only to help you, but others who could be at risk in your workplace.

Injuries sustained from these accidents could range from bruises to severe brain and spinal injuries. Also, falling hazards and slips, trips and falls could result from someone using the fork lift truck improperly. With such heavy and dangerous vehicles, even fatalities could result from accidents involving them. Whatever the case, if you have been injured and the accident wasn’t your fault, you can make a no win no fee compensation claim for the money and damages you deserve.

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