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Broken wrist pain

With any kind of break, there is going to be lasting pain as the bone grows and fuses again, and broken wrist pain is no different.

Different types and strengths of pain medication may be needed in order to keep the pain down, at least until the bone is properly mended again.

There’s almost a limitless numbers of ways that bones can be broken in an accident, and the symptoms are very similar for each type of breakage.

Accident causes

Slips, trips and falls are so common these days that they have almost become a tag line for personal injury lawyers, and most of these simply result in bumps, bruises and slight embarrassment. That being said, when you happen to be involved in an accident that leaves you injured and with broken bones, the situation becomes a little more serious – and the pain it leaves can be excruciating, especially broken wrist pain!

It is fairly easy, too, to move on from a self-inflicted injury – but if you have suffered harm through no fault of your own, then you may want to take the required steps to claim personal injury compensation.

The broken wrist pain that you are suffering should be the end of your pain, but it may only be the beginning as the money starts to dry up if you have had to take time off work because of your injury.

Claiming personal injury compensation

First and foremost, the injury that you suffered in your accident must have occurred in the last three years. In addition, you must be able to show that you are not accountable for the bone fracture you have sustained. That means proving it was somebody elses fault, and visiting a doctor for confirmation of your injuries.

If you feel your employer or a contractor, is to blame for your injury, then you could be able to claim compensation, in consideration of the fact that they have failed to meet their legal obligation, their duty of care, to ensure your health and safety.

Once culpability is established, a law firm, like Accident Advice Helpline, will look at the details of your claim and be able to advise if your case is likely to be successful, or not.

If it is decided that you have a valid case, and a strong one, you will be assigned a no win no fee lawyer. This lawyer will work on your behalf to help you to be awarded the compensation that you morally and legally deserve.

If you want to discuss your accident in more detail with an adviser then dial 0800 689 5659 from your land line.