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Broken nose claim for an injury at work

When at work, its important that you know you are entitled to compensation for a broken nose claim for an injury at work, if the entire incident happened through no fault of your own. You will need an excellent lawyer to assist with this.

Contacting a lawyer to file a claim

If you wish to prove that your employers are at fault for you being injured you should file for compensation. However this may be quite difficult, especially depending on the type of company you worked for. Therefore your best option would be to acquire a person through Accident Advice Helpline, as our lawyers work on a strict no win no fee basis. This means that you will not pay our legal fees if you do not win your claim, which is great news for anyone who is in financial hardship and wants to make a broken nose claim for an injury at work.

You can contact us on our helpline. Our friendly and professional advisers are waiting to help you, providing you with any information that you need. When you do call us, it is important that you keep some necessary details about the accident close by so that you will be able to get through the call quite quickly.

Accident Advice Helpline has been in the business for over a decade now. You can find countless testimonials, written by loyal clients, advocating and applauding our services. This proves furthermore why you can trust us with your compensation claim.

How your lawyer can help you with your broken nose claim for an injury at work

Employers owe their employees a duty of care and if an employee gets injured, through no fault of their own, when at their work place, that duty is breached. Thus the victim is entitled to compensation for the injury suffered. Therefore you can form a broken nose claim for an injury at work with the assistance of a lawyer from Accident Advice Helpline. We will assist you in finding grounds on which to demand that you be compensated.

  • You might have been working on a construction site and may have broken your nose because your employers didn’t provide you with adequate safety.
  • You might be employed by a rugby club and ended up with a broken nose because your employers did not provide you with protective gear such as helmets.
  • You may have sustained an injury to your nose when you were working at a manufacturing company because of faulty machinery.

Whatever the cause of your accident, if the injury was not your fault, you should get in touch with us today. Call 0800 689 5659.