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The most bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen

Freak accidents can happen anywhere, but kitchens certainly seem to have their fair share of strange incidents.

Bizarre accidents in the kitchen

A compilation of the most bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen must surely include the following:

  • A Scottish mother slipped in her kitchen and was stabbed to death by a knife in her dishwasher
  • A woman was bitten by a rat she was trying to ‘evict’ from her kitchen
  • Worried about burglars, a man hid his laptop in the oven. His wife arrived home before him and turned on the oven to start cooking (while the exact outcome of this incident remains unknown, the risk of fire and toxic fumes injuring the woman is obvious)
  • A woman sustained scalding injuries when her pressure cooker exploded and showered her in hot stew
  • Another woman suffered injuries by scalding while trying to stop a pot of milk boiling over. Moving the pot off the heat too quickly, she spilled the boiling hot milk down her legs

Bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen are not restricted to kitchens at home. Work accidents in commercial kitchens can also be quite freaky:

  • A cook working in a take-away kitchen suffered serious burn injuries when he reached without thinking into a deep fat fryer to retrieve some tongs he had dropped
  • Another cook sustained third degree burns when the handle of his whip (which had filled with water) overheated and exploded, showering him with scalding hot oil
  • >

  • A cocktail waitress sliced open her arm when she slipped and a ceramic plate she was carrying shattered as she hit the floor

Most kitchen accidents, even bizarre accidents to happen in the kitchen, can be avoided by following a few simple safety rules.

Commercial kitchens

Especially in commercial kitchens, where things can get extremely hectic, safe working procedures must be in place in order to prevent work injuries. This includes training staff properly, making them aware of potential hazards and how to avoid accidents at work and, where necessary, providing personal protective equipment.

When cooking goes wrong

If you have a workplace accident in a kitchen because you were not trained properly or because someone else made a mistake or was negligent, you could be able to make a work injury claim. Let us, Accident Advice Helpline, help you get the compensation due to you by calling our freephone number 0800 689 5659.