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Bike accident compensation

It takes the experience of a specialist solicitor to figure out the compensation owed to a motor bike accident victim and/or their family. There are a lot of different parts of the situation that will make a difference to the award. The compensation awarded will depend on the type of injury, how permanent the injury is, the pain involved and the medical costs involved.

Bike accident compensation for back injuries

Compensation will depend on a number of things. The severity of the pain involved and how long it is expected to last is part of it. If there’s permanent disability, the compensation will depend upon whether or not the paralysis is paraplegia (which affects the lower part of the body) or quadriplegia (all limbs are affected).

Bike accident compensation for forearm injuries

Forearm injuries include things like fractures and damage to skin, muscle, or nerves of any part of the arm. Compensation is going to be be determined by the amount of pain experienced and the injury’s severity. Whether a fracture is simple or complicated is also considered. Some injuries to the forearm can result in a permanent disability, which would get more compensation than a curable injury.

Bike accident compensation for leg injuries

Leg injuries include fractures in the hip, leg, ankle and/or foot. Scrapes, bruises, and damaged muscles and nerves in the leg are other issues that are considered. Compensation is based similarly to the arm injuries.

Typically, leg injuries will result in more compensation than forearm in that the loss of mobility is more stressful and troublesome. The healing time is also often longer.

Bike accident compensation for head trauma

Compensation for head injuries will depend on to what degree the patient has experienced brain damage. While some head trauma is treatable, often brain damage is permanent. It can be as minimal as colour blindness or minor memory loss, or something like a lengthy coma, total memory loss or loss of motor function. Compensation will be based on how the damage affects one’s life overall.

Bike accident compensation for psychiatric issues

A common psychiatric situation sometimes caused by a traumatic event such as a motor bike accident is “Post traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD). Compensation for this type of problem will depend on the disorder’s severity. Acute cases, where a person cannot function due to constant panic attacks would be entitled to more compensation.

Bike accident compensation for multiple injuries

Many people who are in a bike accident suffer from more than one injury. In cases such as this, the compensation that someone receives is going to depend on the severity of the injuries and then the compensation will be considered based on the total sum of the injuries.

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