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How you could become involved in a hiking accident

Do you know how you could become involved in a hiking accident?

Hiking is not quite the same as going for a walk. It usually involves a lot more effort, some climbing and some uneven terrain. For many enthusiasts it’s a hobby or sport and there are clubs and societies specifically for people who enjoy hiking. If this is your interest then knowing how you could become involved in a hiking accident is essential to your safety.

If you are a novice hiker then it’s best to join a hiking group who can show you the ropes. Being prepared for the unexpected and hiking with a group will help you stay safe. Even experienced and well prepared hikers have accidents.

How hiking accidents happen

Hiking accidents are often unexpected so being prepared before you set off can lessen the risk. If you’re not prepared then you might easily fall or slip on uneven terrain. Falls account for more fatalities than any other cause when hiking in mountainous terrain.

You might suffer hypothermia if you’re stranded without sufficient protection from the elements. If you fall while out on a day hike you may have to spend the night in the open until you’re rescued. It’s always a good idea to set of on a hike prepared for this sort of eventuality.

Who’s to blame for your accident?

You have a responsibility to look after your own safety and well-being to some extent. If you decided to go on a hike, not knowing the first thing about the dangers involved, then your own carelessness might cause you to be injured.

On the other hand, you may have put your trust in the hands of a professional guide. If you’ve then been injured as a result of bad advice, you might have a strong case for claiming compensation.

If your guide or leader abandons the group and you suffer an injury as a result this could be another good reason to make a claim. If the provision of faulty equipment has led to a fall and an injury, the same would apply.

Accident Advice Helpline

As situations such as these may not seem clear cut, it’s a good idea to talk to our compensation experts about what happened. We are a law firm specialising in personal injury compensation and have helped many clients in your position.

If you can’t see the wood for the trees at the moment, we can untangle the complications and prepare a case for you to claim compensation. We offer a no win no fee promise for the legal work we do.

If your hiking accident happened in the last three years, was not your fault and you needed medical attention for your injuries then call us today.

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