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How you could become involved in a construction accident

There are thousands of people who set off to work every day of the week, unaware that it could be the day they could be injured through no fault of their own. Having gone through your normal daily routine you probably don’t consider how you could become involved in a construction accident.

Accident Advice Helpline is on hand to offer advice and support should you become involved in such an accident and need to make a compensation claim. More often than not those who have been involved in an accident that was not their fault will search out expert personal injury claims advice. This usually brings them to us.

How you could become involved in a construction accident unwittingly

Whether you work on a construction site, pass by one on a daily basis or have to visit one as part of your own job, there is a chance you could be injured in an accident that was caused by someone else.

A great many accidents that occur in the workplace happen to those who don’t actually work there but are passing through so to speak. This can include salespeople, delivery staff, administrative staff, and ironically even those involved in health and safety are not immune to the possibility of an accident caused by someone else.

As a stranger to a construction site, there should be procedures in place for your arrival. These will include the provision of protective headwear, high visibility (hi-viz) over garments and protective footwear. It should also be the case that you are not asked to travel from one part of the site to another unaided because as a visitor you are highly unlikely to be aware of any areas of particular danger.

Failure to ensure your safety, whatever the reason for you being there can be seen as a failure in the duty of care by the owners of the site.

What you should do after an accident on a construction site

You have been the unfortunate victim of an accident and have been considering how you could become involved in a construction accident in the first place? There are myriad reasons why this could be the case. The most important reason is that someone did or didn’t do something they should in relation to your being there.

With this in mind, contact the experts when it comes to determining personal injury compensation claims, Accident Advice Helpline. Since the year 2000 our advisers and no win no fee solicitors have been working together to ensure the victims of accidents (construction or otherwise) have been awarded the compensation they have been entitled to.

You can contact us today by calling us on our freephone number 0800 689 5659. Our personal injury team is on hand daily to answer any questions you may have and to start making a claim on your behalf.