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Average settlement for whiplash UK

Average settlement for whiplash in the UK

If you have damaged to your neck in an accident, your injuries may have a negative effect on your life. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might be unable to work or drive and may suffer from persistent neck pain. Your injuries may leave you wondering about the amount of compensation you are eligible to claim and you may look up the average settlement for whiplash in the UK to determine whether it is worth starting a claim.

Claiming for your whiplash injury

For whiplash claims, the amount of compensation received will usually fall within the following boundaries:

  • £700 – £4,000 for minor whiplash injuries
  • £4,000 – £14,000 for moderate whiplash injuries

If you have suffered from a severe whiplash injury that has caused you to suffer from a loss of neck movement or permanent disability, you may be awarded a larger compensation settlement than that quoted above. As such, your research into the average settlement for whiplash in the UK will not help you to calculate the value of your personal claim.

As with all types of personal injury claims, each compensation settlement is decided individually. Your solicitor will calculate an appropriate amount following looking into similar cases and taking into account guidance from the Judicial Studies Board.

Claiming for your expenses

In addition to compensation for your actual injury, you may be able to recoup the cost of any expenses you have encountered. Even if you have only sustained a minor injury, you will be out of pocket straightaway. The cost of getting to and from your local hospital or doctor’s surgery, paying for parking, and obtaining any prescribed medications will have an impact on your finances through no fault of your own. You may also be required to take time off work.

You can recoup the cost of your expenses through your compensation claim. However, searching for details of the average settlement for whiplash in the UK will not help you, as no two expenses claims will be the same.

Don’t rely on the “ average settlement for whiplash in the UK ” – Ask a reputable whiplash solicitor to work out the value of your compensation claim.

A reputable whiplash solicitor from the Accident Advice Helpline will be able to advise you on the value of your injury claim and the type of expenses you can claim for. To make the most of their expertise, call our Freephone helpline today and speak to an adviser about filing a compensation claim.